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I Love my neck pillow

My neck is very well supported with comfort. In fact I attribute my ease of falling to sleep quickly, to my neck pillow. It’s simple and natural. Like me. 👍🏻

Big difference

I had my mattress and extra pad and cover protector and decided to acquire the latex base. It made a tremendous difference in the comfort of the bed. I recommend to anyone purchasing the mattress set.

All wonderful except for the large plastic bag

No organic product or things that claim to help the earth should be wrapped in TOXIC plastic that is killing our planet. Please change your packaging and then it would be great!

My favorite sheets ever

I have tried lots of sheets and lots of organic sheets and I love these the best. They are so soft. I got them undyed.

It's Been Over Six Years...

It's been over six years since I've bought from Shepherds Dream and still love everything, including the mattress topper which is what I started out with. Then I got a winter comforter, then a summer one, then a 7" mattress, then another one, then a pillow, then another one! Everything they sell is top notch and still going strong. I air out everything as often as possible especially in the hot Idaho sun during the summer. As you can imagine with kids and pets, there some stains on it in spite of spot cleaning as soon as possible but I keep the covers on everything so you don't even know. This is money well spent and you won't regret it! If you do, send what you don't want to me and I'll put it to good use!!!

Amazing pillow

I love this pillow. It took a while to arrive, but worth the wait. It is not very thick, but I use it on top of my other pillows, and sleep well.

So comfy!

Love my eco wool pillow. I delayed in ordered and now wish I had taken the plunge earlier. I purchased the firm because I tend to rotate during the night and this pillow is great! It is supportive and comfortable with give and is not really firm like hard it is just full of fluff.

Travel Pillow
Edmee G.

Never received the travel pillow!

Craft Wool
Great Product

I am so happy to have found this resource. The product is great and natural. Staff was really helpful in fulfilling the order.

Best blanket

I bought this blanket as a "gift" to my husband and we LOVE it! We have linen sheets and this blanket is all I need to stay warm in a cool-ish winter bedroom in Chicago. It's beautiful. I wanted a domestic natural fiber blanket (trying to purchase only fabrics that can be composted at end of life, but this blanket will last for generations!). We are very pleased with this blanket.

The nice one

Bought the Ashland for the suboptimaly insulated RV. This thing is awesome kept us warm while internal surface temps were in the low 50's.

Wonderful real sleep finally!

I absolutely love this wool mattress topper, so soft yet supportive and the comfort of knowing I’m sleeping on something made for me by real people out of real wool fiber and materials. Connect back to the real world people 💜
Thank you!

Nice pillow

I'm a big believer in wool, so got the all wool pillow. It is very nice. I gave it 4 stars as I wish it came with a bit more wool stuffing, as it will decompress over time.


Love this pillow! I have tried so many different pillows over the years in an attempt to overcome neck pain but none of them worked. I have been using this pillow for almost a month and have only woken up with neck pain once!

Best Sheets and Duvet Cover ever!

I love that Shepherd's Dream sells Coyuchi linens and bedding. Both companies are committed to sustainable, ethical practices that result in healthy products you can feel good about in your home. I have the Cloud Soft Sateen sheets and duvets in every room, including the guest room and I always get compliments on both the look and feel of them. Many sets of these sheets I own are several years old now, and while Coyuchi will recycle your sheets for you, I haven't had to take advantage of that program yet. They are on the pricier side of the spending spectrum, but worth every penny.

Great Topper

Love this mattress topper! It gives just the right amount of cushion yet allows the mattress to support nicely without my shoulders or hips being sore - yea! I also like that it is made by a small company w good customer service.

Ashland Organic Pillow

My new pillow is so comfortable. And it gives me peace of mind knowing I am not exposing myself to pillows full of toxins and chemicals.

Love my wool bed

I gave my Avocado latex away and bought the all wool layered bed. I am so glad I did it. We are sleeping better, without waking up sweating and kicking off blankets. Somehow it regulates our body temperatures. Also the wool layered bed has a cozy feeling that the latex did not have. I like that next summer I can air all the layers out in the sun. I can’t say enough about how lovely it is. Customer service was amazing too!

Very nice pillow!

So well made, husband loves it!


Christmas present. Not opened yet.

Craft Wool
Kristen W.
Wonderful wool!

This is my third order of craft wool. I'm allergic to kapok and buckwheat hulls so I can't order meditation pillows, zabutons, etc., from the companies that make them. I order the covers from these companies and use Shepherd's Dream craft wool for the filling. If you're sensitive to wool odors, this is probably a good option. It's only got a mild wool smell right out of the bag, unlike other companies that their finished products that straight up trigger allergies. The wool is definitely worth the price. I plan to order their pillows next. The shipping was fast and the packaging was great.

Wool Meditation Pillow

This wool meditation pillow is plump and temperature perfect. By far the most comfortable meditation pillow I've encountered in all my years. Nice work Shepherd's Dream.

good stuff

the bestest

Merino Wool Blanket Heaven

The Merino Wool Blanket from Shepherd's Dream is wonderfully cozy, and soft, and beautiful and warm, and snuggly. Very pleased, and recommend highly.

Best Solution for Hot Sleepers

I had a hard time believing a wool comforter would keep me cool and stop my on again off again cover tossing. The explanation of how sheep regulate their temperature seemed far fetched yet here I am positively elated with my purchase. I have bought dozens of comforters, blankets, sheets and this is the first in years that actually keeps me cool but adjusts and keeps me comfortably warm. I will add the unpopular opinion to not add a duvet cover. It makes the comforter hot. It seems the wool needs to breathe and even an organic cotton cover blocks it causing me to flip the covers on and off again. I’m hoping to lightly hand clean any soiled areas and air out the comforter every couple of months. Honestly, being able to get good nights of sleep is worth the price even if I have to buy a new comforter every year (which I really don’t expect will be needed). No dogs on the bed and no kids around so things should stay clean. I don’t usually write reviews but this comforter deserves praise!