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Beyond Great

I was happy to give these a shot, because I love supporting the use of wool, but I did not expect to come to adore them. They work beautifully, the shrinkage creating a great size and density, the cleanliness is quite notable, and they last for ages.

Ashland Organic Wool Topper,

Once you sleep on a Shepherd's Dream Wool Topper there is no way back! It is a cozy, moisture and temperature regulating, body breathing sleep experience; I am never too hot or too stuffy. We have had one on our king size bed for 6 years now and we recently purchased one for our camper van as well. We are now buying the wool quilt for our home. Believe me, wool is the way to go! Thank you Shepherd's Dream.

Neck Pillow
David N.
Neck Pillow Comes To The Rescue

Naturally drawn to wool, this pillow helps stabilize my sleeping position and feels cozy, warm and comforting

love these sheets!

These are my favorite flannel sheets ever. The texture is softer than any I've had in the past, the word 'luxurious" comes to mind every time I hop into bed. They also fit the bed very well (the fitted sheet doesn't start coming off the corners overnight), and seem very durable (we've only had them a few days). I also really appreciated that the packaging was not a big pile of plastic or styrofoam. It feels like a lot of love and pride goes into making these products, even the little cloth bags that things come in (we also got dryer balls and sponges). So happy with our purchase!!

Welcome Retreat Between Sessions

The Shepherd's Dream organic wool felt is luxurious and I can tell it is made with care. I spend quite a bit of time on the computer and my body thanks me when I take breaks to lay on the floor with my yoga sized organic wool felt. Gladdens my heart to know Shepherd's Dream exists on the planet. Thank you!

Great topper

I added this as a topper for my 5" wool mattress. It adds a little snuggle to the mattress. One reviewer here said they got a number of these instead of a mattress and I think cost wise it is comparable and it wouldn't this one heavy mattress. It is so pretty I feel sad keeping it under my sheets, but I do enjoy it and may purchase another in time.


This pad offers me more assurance that I won't be breaking the wood slats of my bed frame. I have it under a 5" wool mattress for added support. Because of the tacky feel of the laytex in the pad, it is more difficult to rotate and flip the wool mattress as needed.

Bouncy and soft at once

A comfy and huggable pillow—just the thing!

Comfortable and comforting

I’ve slept on my felt every night since it arrived— sometimes with a sheet on top and sometimes (when it is cooler), directly on the wool felt itself. Both are great though my favorite is when I feel the felt against my skin. As I said in the title, comfortable and comforting. It pills a little but that is to be expected. Altogether a lovely thing. Thank you for making them.

Ashland Organic Wool Topper

The best!

This is our first wool comforter and we are complete converts now. It is worth every penny as the quality and comfort are amazing! And it feels great to support the work this company is doing to provide ethically sourced and local materials.

Love these blankets!

These blankets are perfect weight for year round. Just need to add extra comforter in the winter.


I got my first wool pillow, after years of being a feather devotee, and I am a changed woman! I no longer overheat at night and I found it to be comfortable and firm without being hard! No more neck pain. I’m recommending you to my friends.

Clearance Wool Bedding
Kristinfay d.

Beautiful. I love it! I don't notice any imperfections. So grateful to own this blanket.

Neck Pillow
Carlyn R.
Neck Pillow

For years now I have tried to use a towel. This is so much more comfortable and has really helped my neck be supported. My acupuncturist and I are working on creating a little curve in my neck as I usually hold my neck forward. This has been very helpful and I love that the materials are natural. I'm 100% happy with this product.


You guys were great to work with!!!😁. So appreciate the dream points discount and absolutely enjoying the latex foam! No smell of chemicals! Just way good!! Thank you.

You need this mattress

Need is a strong word and I am completely serious. This mattress will help improve your health. There will be an adjustment period. The human body was not made to lay in marshmallow plastic foam pads. Research sleep health and then come back and buy this mattress. I spent a long time researching different companies and none of them compare to the quality and sheer “no bad stuff” that Shepherd's Dream provides. I waited to write this review because I wanted to have used and lived in this mattress for a while. My husband and I have slept in this mattress for 18 months and I cannot recommend the switch enough. Even before we bought this mattress we saved and saved and waited and waited because we knew that this was exactly what we were looking for. A completely natural mattress. It is expensive, but it is 100% worth it. I was so determined to make sure that through out the course of our marriage that we do not buy disposable, brominated stuff that we made it work sleeping on a couch and on the floor to buy this debt free. The off gassing and chemicals that other mattresses are made out of us criminal. The buy new every few years or so makes us accustomed to buying ‘cheap’ things. This mattress is not cheap, but unlike 99% of all other mattresses, you can make this last a life time with proper care.
Let me tell you why this mattress is incredible.

The materials. It is wool. You can tell it is wool. The smell it has is earthy and a little grassy. It’s different than the chemical, sterile smell of a conventional mattress, but after one night, I fell in love with the smell of the wool. It puts you to sleep, it is so comforting. Be prepared for it to be a little weird at first, but you will love it if you give it a chance. Wool is so incredible, the anti fungal properties , temperature regulation, the fact that you CAN ACTUALLY CLEAN IT, I can go on and on. The most amazing part is that this mattress is just. wool. Nothing else. No latex, no foam padding. Just. Wool. That’s all it needs to be.

It is handmade. You can see the stitching, the hand written specifications on the tags. The checks and inspections that had to be signed off. I love it. I much prefer supporting people who have a trade and a skill and paying them directly instead of a mega corporation where you have no idea where the materials come from and how they were acquired. This is a far more personal experience and whenever I had any questions I could call them and they will actually talk with me. Even though this is handmade, it is quality, and you can see the hours that went into stuffing and batting and stitching. It is an incredible amount of work that goes into just one mattress. Now you know why it’s so expensive and why it takes 12 weeks to get to you. Everything they make is made to order. It’s a financial sacrifice and you’ll have to wait, but it is so so worth it.

It is firm. That’s a good thing. A very good thing. You might have a sore back for a couple of months, but that is your body getting used to sleeping in a more natural, bio-mechanical state. Once you adjust, you can tell the difference and it is shocking. The depth of sleep I can get is astounding, this was the kind of sleep that we should all be getting. You feel genuinely rested and my back pain slowly went away. It’s incredible. There’s so much more I can say about the health benefits, but after sleeping on a wool mattress for over a year I can never go back. This is something that everyone should have, and I mean that. So many of our health issues were helped by getting better sleep. Sleep is so important to good health, and if you suffer from a chronic illness, sleep is the major time your body heals itself and it is vital to improving.

I know this review is long winded, but if anyone was on the fence about if it’s worth it, I want to ease your reservations and tell you it is. It is not the same as a temper pedic


Guys… I love these pillows. They are everything I wanted from them and more. They are firm yet plush. They look AMAZING, handmade tufted pillows in this day and age… COME ON!!!! I love the way they look without pillow covers and while I know their intended purpose is for you to sit on them, they ended up the perfect solution for the back pillows on my eco friendly daybed/ couch. They will hold their shape, and I just have to say I love Shepherd’s Dream. You can tell everything they do is handmade, but with quality. I love the signatures they have on all the tags, the people aspect of it all. You will have to be patient, but let me tell you your patience will absolutely be rewarded. Every time I finally receive my order, I’m always blown away. If I could submit a photo I would to show you guys how awesome these are, I would, but I can at least write this review and let you all know that if you need a firm pillow that can be used as a backing to a couch or bed, get this one!

Great quality

I didn’t buy it for myself and so I can’t comment on how comfortable it is but the quality is great. It was a little smaller than I had expected.


This sleep shirt is a dream. Soft, cozy, comfortable, organic. I love Sarah Danu’s commitment to organic cotton and the quality of her workmanship. I sleep on a Shepherd’s Dream wool topper on an organic latex mattress with wool pillows, Coyuchi sheets and blanket, and now a Danu shirt. Sweet Dreams.

Worth every penny

I love my new pillow! I sleep so much better. I have back and neck issues and they are si much better now!

Great natural support under mattress

Purchased the coir pad for under our queen beds to use on top of the slats to allow the mattresses to breathe a bit better. No real scent and though flexible (arrives rolled up), the pad is solid and looks like great quality.

Mattress Topper

Is the best by making a better cushion to an already high-end hybrid mattress. My bed is now luxurious.

Wool Mattress

I love my wool mattress! Comfy and nontoxic, no springs just wool

Have no idea for I have not received my bed yet to put it on it.


Setting the standard for what a sustainable business looks like.

Shepherds Dream Mattress Recycling Initiatives


Simply put, if the grid went down tomorrow, we’ll still be in business.

Shepherds Dream Real Natural Mattress