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The BEST mattress protector.

Absolutely love this mattress protector! Have been using it for the past 8 months through the worst of the summer and the cold winter nights and have never had a better sleep. Unlike regular mattress protectors, this one helps me regulate my cold/heat much better - so breathable! It also stays put on the mattress and doesn't slide or make any noise as you move in bed (no plastic). Also, it works excellent paired with our latex mattress for the ultimate comfortable sleep. It took a little while to get the order but so well worth the wait!

All Wool Mattress
Yaroslava K.
Amazing mattress as always

This was our third wool mattress and topper purchase from Shepherd's dream and we made another member of our family extremely happy. It's like sleeping on a cloud!

Shasta Blankets

Soft and Warm!

We are loving our new blanket. It’s soft—not scratchy— and very warm! We used it to replace two cotton blankets, which weren’t enough to keep us warm at night anyway, and now are toasty warm. It’s an awesome blanket. I wish I’d bought one years ago.

I love wool comforters. Love them.

I love wool comforters. Had mine for 30 years. Just bought one for my 3 year old grand daughter.

Merino Wool Blanket
Catherine S.
Merino Wool Blanket

The blanket is beautiful. The downside is that of the blanket is the up keep. Cannot be washed and dried in the machine or it will shrink. So no animals or messy kids on it.

Love this thing!

We co-sleep with our son. I bought this to be used under my son and I while we sleep to catch any spit up, pee and breast milk. It’s worked exactly how I hoped it would. Keeps him dry and not too hot. I try to catch any liquids before they soak in. I just hang it up during the day to air out and self clean. I’ve only washed it once since I got it. Highly recommend!

WOW! 8 hours!

We purchased this one for our RV. Our daughter, who rarely sleeps more than 4-5 hours a night, came for a visit and slept for 8 hours straight, every night of her stay! I know what she will be receiving for Christmas!

She loves it

I bought this winter weight wool comforter for my girlfriend who is always cold to the point of shivering on most days. She absolutely loves it. She now wakes up warm. She said its "fluffiness is like silk" and its the "nicest thing I've ever owned.".

a little short

It is a little short to tuck in at the bottom. But I love the blanket

Best Blanket Ever!

We love this blanket! It is truly temperature regulating, and the perfect weight.
We weren’t sure about paying so much, but we really value that it’s made locally with organic wool. I highly recommend it!

Ashland Organic wool comforter

Thank you for the wool comforter. I love the comforter and it lives up to everything you say about it on your website except one thing. On your website it says it might smell a little bit sheepy. I found that to be an understatement. The sheepy smell was so strong that I couldn’t have it in the same room with me at first. I aired it out on the line and then took it to the dry cleaner and now it is about half as smelly but tolerable. I ordered some cedar sachets to put in my duvet cover. That being said I am getting used to the sheepy smell.

Very good snuggling…

I got a hard mattress and was very hard to get used sleeping. This snuggle mattress made a huge difference and I can sleep perfect now

Owned for almost 2 months now

I absolutely love it! I tend to sleep in the same spot, so as they say, during the break-in period may need to flip/rotate the topper. My arm no longer falls asleep when lying on my side. I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud but still firm enough my spine still feels supported. I was worried it would sleep warm but it breathes well and regulates my body heat. I will add that if you move to the other side of the bed, then back to where you were, it holds heat in that sense. Which i actually enjoy so my spot stays warm while I get a cup of coffee in the A.M. and back again haha. Love it! Thank you for a great quality product!

Euro Pillow
Michelle R.


Truly a Dream Bed!

This is the best dog bed I’ve ever purchased. The large size is perfect for our golden retriever. She absolutely loves it. The quality is excellent , and knowing it is made with all natural fabric and wool is what makes it far superior to many other products. I would highly recommend purchasing one !

Amazing Mattress Protector

Ordered a king size mattress protector to go on top of my Purple mattress (I can not maintain body temperature on that thing) and it is PERFECT. I am so, so, SO happy with it. My bed feels so much more comfortable and cozy. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful product.

No sweat

Got this to help my 85 yr old mother not have night sweats. She's been tested for everything and we can't find a cause for her horrible night sweats. I'm a believer in the benefits of wool and got her the medicine felt. It's done the trick. She no longer suffers from night sweats!! 🙂 Thank you Sheperds Dream. I will be getting one for myself soon.

Best pillow ever

This pillow does not disappoint. Had to replace my first one and was happy to find a company I could order it from. It’s fitted to me so very comfortable.


Awesome pillow. Love how you can customize the thickness and density.

Love my Pillow

This is my second pillow from Sheperds dream. I love the quality and craftsmanship. I had my last pillow since 2006 and it held up beautifully. I highly recommend this company! Excellent

Merino Wool Blanket
Michelle R.
Beautiful Blanket

I considered this blanket for a very long time before purchasing. It has exceeded my expectations! It arrived beautifully packaged. It is silky soft, substantial but lightweight, and so pretty. I feel cozy when sleeping, not at all hot. I highly recommend!

Deeper sleep

I've started dreaming again since sleeping on my Medicine Felt. I notice that I fall asleep more quickly & sleep more deeply. Love it!

Washable Wool Puddle Pads

wonderful products

i've ordered many many times. thank you


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