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Well made and super cozy!! It feels so much better to be sleeping on wool rather than some sort of spongey, synthetic franken-chemicals(!) Many Thanks!!!
*Only point of input would be means of shipping..... I know you don't want to use plastic if possible, but on a rainy day, having just the topper itself in a normal cardboard box with no liner of any kind..... I was fortunate that mine didn't get too wet...but I could imagine someone's being left outside by a delivery person and getting totally soaked. That would not be a good way to start.)
*Also.... perhaps your new website design remedies this, but I was sort of under the impression that if I paid extra for flat rate shipping, maybe that would expedite the whole thing? So as long as folks know that paying extra for flat rate shipping does not speed up the making of the item.... I did not understand that they are made as the orders came in, rather than having some of standard sizes in stock, etc.
***But I love the back-story of the company, how you are choosing to do business, making things by hand and with eco-consciousness... Way to be!!!
It's an excellent topper created in an artisanal way!
Again, Many Thanks!
Julie in Kent, Ohio

I love it! It is so soft cosy and feels luxurious to slide between the sheets. Its organic and, no animal was harmed in the making. I also ordered a.snuggle mate (pure heaven! I do plan on ordering your mattress and pillows. That you for your wonderful organic products.

Bonnie Davis-

Excellent wool for needlefelting forms

I was very pleased to find this wool to use myself and share with students and enthusiasts

pure delight

Love settling into this soft, yet supportive pillow.

Wool Cloud

I love my wool topper, pillows and comforter, I have been sleeping wonderfully! Thank you for crafting such good quality and comfortable products. The benefits of wool are amazing and in the future I plan to move to the all wool sleeping experience and purchase my next mattress from Shepard’s Dream.

Nice pillow, and no fragrance smell.

I buy all of my pillows from shepherd's dream, because they are nice pillows, and arrive fragrance free (only a light wool smell, which is to be expected).

Craft Wool
Jacqueline T.
Thank you for the 5 pound bag of crafting wool.

I used the contents entirely for stuffing three European pillow shams. My hands felt great while I was pulling the fibers apart. I love your wool.

Perfect timing

Our wool topper arrived a day after we’d been hard at work on a friend’s farm. The gentle support it gave our sore muscles was just right. Also it was summer and we often sleep with windows open as night falls to save on a/c bills. The topper certainly kept us from heating up like when we slept directly on our foam mattress. Now that fall’s coming on it keeps us warm even as the nighttime temperature is getting cooler.

We have two...

Because they are the dog's favorites. We have a 100-pound dog and have the XL in our living room, and the L in our bedroom. We have two covers for each of them, so I can trade off while one is in the wash. The dog really does not like other things (even the end of the sofa!) as much, and is always on one of these two beds. We have a non-shedding breed that has to be trimmed every 3-4 months (nothing combs out at all), and the natural wool REALLY keeps him comfortable. He can't stay on synthetic blankets or sofas very long; in a few minutes he is too hot and turning onto his back on the floor to cool off. Not on the wool beds, though! Thank you for making such a high quality, top notch product. These beds are beautifully made.

5 Stars, bought 2

Highly recommend. Temperature regulating, adds comfort. Quality product.


Best sheets I've ever used. I'll buy again when I need to.

All seasons met all my expectations.

Really wonderful wool comforter. Miller and the team at Shepherd's Dream are great to work with.

Best sleep of my life

Haven’t slept this well in a very long time. My posture is better, my aches and pains are gone. I highly recommend this mattress.

Best sleep of my life

Best sleep I’ve ever had. My posture has improved and aches and pains are gone. I highly recommended this bed.

Meagan W.
Nice quality, on the warmer side

Nice quality and well made. Great customer service and followup when I had questions.


The duvet cover is perfect for the comforter. I love it!

Great soap, wonderful fragrance

It's hard to find wool-covered soap, and these bars are great!

exquisite craftsmanship

this topper is great....the sewing is impeccable....thanks to theresa i was able to get a cover made...again...beautiful craftsmanship...the product is top quality...as is the personal service...bravo!

Feels like home

I'm trying to minimize my impact on the earth as much as possible while also taking care of some specific needs. This natural, undyed wool blanket covers a lot of points.

Electric blankets made out of fleece had me either too warm or not warm enough, so sleep was extremely restless. As a little kid, my grandparents always had Hudson Bay blankets on the beds, but the history of those is fraught with social injustice. I found Shepherd's Dream by search and was so happy to find an ethical source for wool products that are made to be as natural as possible. (I'm also chemically injured, so toxic dyes are a concern as they impact others making the product.)

The first night I crawled into bed, it felt like the beds at my grandparents: a firm, nicely weighted covering that keeps me warm, but not too. I'm in New England and we're heading from cool spring into a suddenly hot summer. I still keep the blanket over my feet and it's just right. I'm so happy to have found Shepherd's Dream! The blanket is beautifully made, soft and came with care instructions. I expect to have it for many years. The quality tag was even signed by a real person. 🙂

I also purchased one of wool contoured pillows. I love it, too. Some have reported lanolin odors on wool products. I have noticed no such thing and I'm sensitive to odors.

I highly recommend this blanket (and pillow) to anyone looking for a quality, warm, breathable, sustainable product. Thank you Shepherd's Dream for filling a much needed niche.

Me in ME

Lumbar Pillow
Susan T.
Lumbar love

I bought a synthetic lumbar pillow a few years ago and not only did it lose its loft, but didn’t feel good for my body’s health nor the environment.
I came back to the shop that I bought my organic mattress from (years ago ~ grateful it’s still in business!) and the owner suggested I buy directly from Shepherd’s Dream.
Talk about a dream team. In this world where businesses are encouraged to divide and conquer it was lovely to see both shop owners helping to make a difference in the world we see.
Not only did I purchase this pillow but several other ones (that I use on my restorative yoga mat). Thank you thank you thank you.
Customer service 6 ⭐️ and product support, care and quality are top notch.
The lumbar pillows from Shepherd’s Dream are very full and I can barely get them in the organic pillow cases (I already have). But sleeping with this alternative to a body pillow did it’s job ~ offered support and great temperature regulation. My sleeping partner said the same. He’s pleased as well with the results.

I have not received my order yet, order #26244, still waiting.

Neck Pillow
Susan S.
Love this pillow!

I have been using this neck pillow with a talalay latex pillow for my head. This combination is perfect:).

All Wool Dream Pillow

Excellent long-term investment

Wonderful. Got this because the other one I bought 9 years ago is still fluffy & comfortable.

A good place to rest your head

Pretty happy with my pillow, opted for the queen soft as a light loft option. Usually I need a break in period with a pillow before I find it comfortable, but this just worked right away. Kind of reminds me of using a well worn pillow, but in a good way. It's cozy and familiar somehow.