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Craft Wool
Gwen K.
Craft Wool

Like very much working with this product. It felts well for forming faces for dolls.

Doll Making Wool

This company was recommended to me from an experienced doll maker.

Craft Wool
camille w.

exactly what we were looking for

Love our Wool Topper & Bought a Second one for our Van Bed!

Getting in to bed is always welcome especially since purchasing a Shepherd's Dream 3" wool topper! My husband and I use it year round and sleep so comfortably that we purchased one for our van bed as well! We were gifted 2 Shepherd's Dream wool pillows which smell wonderful and feel very supportive... as the wool pillow compresses a bit with use, I feel the pillow is more custom to how I sleep and my own posture/alignment. I personally feel great about the quality of the materials, simple design and eco-friendly aspect of these products and know that the price reflects the value. I will continue to recommend these products to friends. Thank you to all of our sheep friends and to Shepherd's Dream!

Neck Pillow
Patricia G.
I love my Neck Pillow!

I am being treated by my acupuncturist and physical therapist. Both felt my pain was partly from lack of neck support while sleeping. My acupuncturist recommended Shepherd’s Dream for a neck pillow. I have been using the pillow for a few weeks now and I am very happy with it. I am a short person and have a short neck. The pillow fits perfectly in the neck curvature, giving support and just enough softness to be very comfortable. I would suggest both the neck pillow and the pillowcase to anyone looking for comfy, cozy, neck support.

Best Pillow out there

We purchased the medium Ashland Organic Wool Pillow.
It is wonderful, cool, and very comfortable. I would consider getting another one in the heavy? so I have the option on a litter thicker pillow when needed.

Deepest Rest

There really is nothing else like them. On a carpeted floor, as a bed, they provide -- and have provided for years -- the most restful sleep. Quiet and so ultimately supportive. Roll them up every few months for fresh air and sunshine, 'rebuild' the bed, and you can feel the resiliance. What a simple, healthy -- and ancient I would say --- experience. Many thanks to the fine artisans who continue this tradition, beautifully crafted in every way ----

Wooly Love

I got this to forever replace a traditional petroleum-based mattress pad. It's just what I expected from a quality wool product, comfy and lovely smelling! I've been slowly converting clothing/household goods to wool or linen. I'm very happy.

So happy with these

I bought Snuggle Mate toppers for the whole family 6 years ago. We love them. So comfy. Solved the problem of a too firm mattress for one family member and an uncomfortable latex mattress for another. Great year round, even in hot weather. They hold up wonderfully...actually like new in terms of fluff and loft after 6 years of use. We just follow the care instructions for sunning. These particular toppers have no sheep odor at all. I don't know about the others.


I love this wool topper! It's so comfy and warm, best purchase for my back and those cold winter nights.

Have used this wool wash for many years and it's definitely the best.

Had some problems getting this wool wash ordered as everyone was out of it. Have ordered from you before and was successful this time but did want a larger size bottle. I hope the inventory improves but realize these are interesting times.

The pillow is great, but it does need more filling. It really compresses down after some time.

Neck Pillow
Freddy G.

Neck Pillow

Relax deeply in these pillows for best sleep ever!

Highly recommend these natural materials pillows with substantial high quality covers. I could feel stress and strain melt away relaxing into these pillows. I prefer the thickest dense filling for the thickness and yet they are not hard but supportive.


I think that the blanket is a work of art, but it weighs a ton for a weak old 86er and it's not all that warm. I've put a loose-woven throw between it and the sheet. So its very nice, but not what I need. Too much trouble and expense to return. One day someone will love it

I appreciate this pillow!

I appreciate this new oxygen pillow for sure! Thank you! It is a little firmer than I expected and my ear has had to get used to it a bit. But all and all I am getting a better night sleep and it has helped my oxygen situation, I think, due to holding my head in the correct position. I'm Comfy and Grateful now!

EcoWool Sleep Pillow
Elizabeth D.

I like it, although I think next time I'll order the thicker one.

Body Pillow
Savanna G.
Good buy

Worth the money: environmentally and ethically conscious as well as high quality

Worth the investment

I bought the standard regular pillow and it’s everything I’ve been looking for in a pillow. Beautifully made and a perfect size for me. The pillow seems to be breathable, as I have yet to wake up with a sweaty head! But the real test will be this summer. Thanks to this company for providing a sustainable wool bedding option!

Very soft and fits on mattress well

I have a platform bed frame where the mattress sits down into the frame (no box springs) and this protector was easy to get on and easy to adjust if needed when putting on fresh sheets. I’m also sleeping on a couple of their wool pillows and those are also worth the investment.

Mattress protector

This mattress protector fits my Saatva natural latex hybrid mattress perfectly. The mattress itself has a wool top, and this cover made by Shepherds Dream is the best cover for it. Thank you for making this great product!

Quality and Care

Having bought wool products from American companies several times only to see upon delivery that the product was made overseas with imported products, It was exciting and refreshing to find a company like Shepard’s Dream. The quality is unmistakable and the care taken from start to finish is obvious. Got some baby blankets for my 96 year old mom to keep her comfy. She loves them. Enough said. Money well spent.

Absolutely love!

I cut my puddle pad in half and have two pads now that we use all the time. Wonderful, soft, and wicks away water. Highly recommend.

Craft Wool
Lovely wool!!

This wool is just what I needed. Very fluffy and clean.

Snuggle Mate Wool Topper


Setting the standard for what a sustainable business looks like.


Simply put, if the grid went down tomorrow, we’ll be still in business.