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Snuggle Mate Wool Topper

Nice pillow, not for me though

Well made, but if I'd been able to try it/see it before buying it, I wouldn't have. I was surprised how hard it is. Also, my neck is no better after a couple of weeks. In fact, I wake up and find I've moved it away and slept without it because it's uncomfortable.

Good quality

Good quality, not harmful.

Refreshes wool

Used it in my front-load washer on rinse for my king wool blanket and a few small items. Items are fresh and soft. I like that it restores some of the lanolin rather than strips it as I hope to have my blanket for many years to come! The lavender scent is very light and natural.

Travel Pillow
Me i.M.
Nice size for travel, quick naps, between your knees, under sore joints

Mine lives in my bed and gets used to prop up tender joints. Perfect for a couch or lounge chair nap. Love it!

washes raw sheep fleeces very well

Craft Wool
Cindy S.

Craft Wool

Excellent idea.

The wool puddle pad is a great idea - very practical.

Excellent duvet cover

Material and quality are well worth the money - love the pattern and colors as well.

Not what I expected

I never thought I would spend so much time pillow shopping, but 3 hours later, I decided on the All Wool Dream Pillow. The deciding factor that led me to purchasing this pillow was all of the good reviews I was reading for it on Reddit.

While I appreciate the care that clearly went into making this pillow, it wasn’t what I was hoping it would be. I read numerous claims of the pillow being very cool and having plenty of filling, but I don’t feel like that’s my experience with it. My wife and I both tried this pillow and think it’s a bit too thin, even after trying to fluff it up. While it’s not the warmest pillow I’ve used, it still wasn’t as cool as the pillow my wife uses.

Bedding and comfort are completely subjective, but I just hoped it would’ve lived up to all the raving reviews I read prior to purchasing it. This was just my experience with it though, so I understand others may love it.

Great for Infant Spills

These are very soft and lovely for our newborn daughter. They absorb without becoming soaked, and they do not smell at all. Would highly recommend!

Excellent bed

This double bed is beautiful and well made, very easy to put together. My husband really really likes it as well as the wool mattress.

Amazing mattress topper for a great price!

My four-year-old absolutely loves his new bed. The mattress topper is super soft and luxurious. Thank you!


I got the Snuggle Mate to top my 8-layer wool felt mattress (also from Shepherd's Dream). I love the firmness of the wool felts (which I've been sleeping on for about 10 years -- highly recommend!), but as I'm getting older, I wanted to add a bit more cushioning.

The Snuggle Mate is perfect for me! It feels cuddly and luxurious, but not suffocating or so pillowy that you sink in. I've just slept through three nights of hot weather, and it is surprisingly breathable. It's also lightweight enough that even in the Queen size, I can rotate/flip it easily by myself.

I would highly recommend this topper if you love the feel of your current mattress, but want to add a layer of gentle cushioning.

Never would have imagined

No one can describe how amazing and comfortable this bed is! I have scoliosis and I need a firm bed for my comfort to sleep. I would describe the firmness of the wool mattress with the wool topper like a marshmallow that you don't sink into..a cloud that you don't fall through...I have NEVER had a more restful sleep and never wake up with a back ache. The craftsmanship, packaging and quality is more than you can imagine. I wish I could send photos of the mattress and topper how it arrived and how it looks on my bed.. AMAZING. I was scared to order such a huge purchase through a company that was based on reviews that I read. I resonated with their blog their story and believed the reviews. I ordered the queen wool mattress, the topper and the wool mattress cover. Than I put a 100% thick cotton blanket over the wool cover..just for more absorption if I sweat. I use quality flannel sheets and a down comforter with a cashmere/wool blend duvet. I do follow their guidelines in the care of the bed... flipping the mattress/ topper which is very important! Pease order this bed, if you are looking for a 100% wool bed with quaity and compfort! It's the best investment I've done for my sleep and health!!

Neck Pillow
Norma R.
Better Sleep and Eliminated My Neck Pain

The neck pillow's design is perfect. By chance, I put two horizontally together and rested my head on them. My neck pain disappeared almost immediately and over time completely. I had been using a round neck pillow of the kind often sold in chiropractic offices and I think it is the height and contour that does not help the neck. Anyway, the combo of the two Shepherd's Dream neck pillows works. One might think that the little dip in-between the two pillows would be uncomfortable, but not at all.

Best pillow ever!

We LOVE it! My daughter is finally getting excellent sleep. I’m on my second Oxygen pillow. (After 15 years I deserved a new one). Best pillow ever and well worth the price.

Lumbar Pillow
Shannon V.
Lumbar pillow and pillowcase

I love this pillow so much! It is filled with the perfect amount wool and is so nice to sleep with. The pillowcase is nice and thick but still allows the pillow to breathe. I’m so glad I came across Shepherd’s Dream!

Fluffy coulds of sheep-a-liciousness

I had down pillows for the longest time and thought they were great. I already slept with a wool blanket and it keeps me the perfect temperature as I sleep hot. Thought to give these a try after looking for a wool mattress. Happy with me bed currently but it’s only a matter of time till I make that switch.

But let me tell you, these pillows are the right amount of everything. They’re soft but firm. Warm but don’t trap heat. They hold their shape well. As they do warm up the soften and almost mold to contour the position your laying in. They’re absolutely wonderwool (pun intended). If you like wool and are considering these pillows, just go for it. You won’t be dissatisfied. They also have hand written tags which I thought was a nice touch.

Nice but pricey

This is comforting and keeps body contact warm and cozy.

Love it

Very soft and well made. Very happy with the quality.

Reuseable Face Wipes

I have used them for a few months now. They are very soft on the skin. I dry them on top of my counter in the bathroom. It goes fast.

My back pain is gone — worth every penny!

Firstly, I have to say that I ***love*** every single item I’ve ordered from Shepherd’s Dream - pillows, comforters, raw wool healing scarves, and now this wool mattress. I sleep so much more soundly on this mattress. Absolutely love it. I’ve been sewing my whole life and am pretty Type A, and am always impressed with the quality of construction, materials, and design of Shepherd’s Dream products. Thank you for listing clearance items with imperfections at a reduced price - so appreciate that you do this, for multiple reasons.

I wasn't sure how this pillow would work for me, but I needn't have worried! No matter how I lay the pillow provided firm, yet giving, support. Most importantly, my head isn't getting hot! I highly recommend this pillow.

Travel mate queen size

This company produces very high-quality products that make a huge difference in the quality of sleep