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The People at Shepherd’s Dream

Since Shepherd’s Dream commencement in 1997, we have had the pleasure of working with many different unique individuals whom have contributed to the growth of our company.

It has taken great patience and perseverance to find a competent and positive team since moving to the quiet, tiny town of Montague. We have been fortunate to find a variety of hard working and skilled men and women to create our colorful Shepherd’s Dream team. It is our goal as a unified team to provide high quality natural bedding and excellent customer service to a growing population of natural product lovers.

We believe that by creating a healthy infrastructure within our own operations, we are setting an example for other businesses to do the same. It is of true importance to support each individual’s unique qualities and to communicate honestly in order to create a peaceful, productive environment.

A Family Business

The Kearns Family

Originally from San Francisco, Robin and Hank moved to Southern Oregon in 2015 to restart their careers and help the previous owners and longtime friends Sarah and Nathon with Shepherd’s Dream. Already loyal customers for many years, they took over the reins in 2018 and became the new owners.

Today, Shepherd’s Dream continues to be a family-oriented business with the goals of providing their employees with a living wage while creating luxury, handcrafted products they can be proud of.

Robin and Hank live in Ashland, Oregon with their two young sons where they enjoy the beautiful outdoors of the Rogue Valley and strive to expand awareness of the benefits of a healthy, sustainable, locally-made lifestyle.