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Our All Wool Mattress is a futon style mattress. It is 100% wool, inside and out. The wool mattress is firmer than latex, yet it has more give than a cotton futon. If you are looking for a natural bed that has more give then what a futon style mattress provides, we recommend placing our wool mattress on top of our Cascade Latex Base and adding a wool topper to your mattress.
With proper care, our wool mattress can be evenly compressed. The All Wool Mattress will compress about 10-15% during the first 3-6 months of use. Our Snuggle Mate Wool Topper will compress about 30% during this same period of time. Considering this compression, we advise our customers to rotate and flip their bedding weekly as well as to sleep all over the mattress rather than in one spot. If there are 2 people sleeping in bed, we suggest that you snuggle in the center or take naps there in order to compress the center as well as the sides. If you follow these suggestions, you will end up with an evenly compressed bed that can last a lifetime.
The Snuggle Mate is three inches thick while the Travel Mate is two inches thick. Both of these toppers are designed to be placed on top of your existing mattress to provide additional comfort as well as the benefits of wool. The Snuggle Mate is our most popular mattress topper because it provides a substantial amount of cushion to your mattress. This topper will compress about 30% during the first 3 to 6 months of regular use, so we suggest that you rotate and flip it while also varying where you sleep on the topper. The Snuggle Mate is best when you are looking to add more cushion to your existing mattress. The Travel Mate got its name because it is a perfect travel component when staying in hotels or on less comfortable beds. We recommend this topper for those who are already pleased with the softness of their bed, but would like to receive the benefits of sleeping on wool to which there are many.
Both our EcoWool and organic wool blends are comprised of chemical-free, cruelty-free, and sustainable practices.  Both offer incredibly high-quality wool. The main difference between the two blends is regarding sourcing. Our EcoWool comes from local farms in the Northern California and Southern Oregon. All of the farmers whom we buy EcoWool from are raising their sheep without pesticides and treating them humanely. Our original blend, the EcoWool program is dedicated to supporting our local like-minded farmers with out the expense of an organic certification. Our GOTS certified organic wool comes from farms in New Zealand. There are actually very few farms in the United States that offer organic wool. This organic blend is of the best quality we’ve found on the market which is why we source from New Zealand. Due to slight variations of the particular wool blend in each, we’ve noticed that the EcoWool tends to be a bit loftier than the organic wool.
We love to liken Dunlop latex to sponge cake and Talalay to angel food cake. This best describes the textural difference between the two types of latex. While both types are processed in the same way to a point, Talalay latex includes a couple of extra steps: the air is extracted and the latex is flash frozen to soften the foam even more. Read about the processing of latex on our blog.
Each person has different needs when it comes to their sleep pillow. Our thin pillow is perfect for those who prefer a flatter pillow, one that will not lift their head very far from the rest of their spine. This is usually favored by those who have sensitive cervical spines. This pillow is excellent in combination with our neck roll to provide ideal neck support. Our medium pillow is a more standard fill. If you are used to sleeping with a synthetic pillow or a pillow with more loft, this would be the right fit for you. This pillow also works great in conjunction with our neck roll. Our thick pillow is for folks that prefer a full pillow, or for folks that like to read in bed. All of our pillows will compress about 35% and become less lofty than they were when first received. Learn more about wool compression on our blog.
Fortunately, our mattress passed the Federal Flame testing for mattresses and mattress pads produced in the USA. 16 CFR 1633 is an open flame test where two open flames are ignited on the mattress at the same time. If the mattress does not self-extinguish within a certain amount of time, then it doesn’t pass. Luckily, wool is naturally flame resistant, therefore our mattress self-extinguished within ¼ of the time allowed without any chemical flame retardants added to the mattress! Our mattress pads also passed the cigarette test 16 CFR 1632 without any problems. We are proud to offer a product that is completely natural and safe.
At this time we see many benefits to having a layered bed. Rather than combining all the elements into one mattress, a layered bed offers more versatility and longevity. A layered bed gives the customer the opportunity to completely customize their experience. In the event that one of the layers needs replacement, this versatile setup allows the customer to replace just one layer rather than the entire mattress, which not only extends the lifespan of the bed but is also a more sustainable choice for the environment.
In most cases where people have chemical sensitivities or allergies, they find relief with our wool bedding. All of our materials are untreated and chemical-free. We only work with organic cotton, 100% synthetic-free latex, and GOTS certified organic wool or EcoWool. Request a complimentary Chemical Sensitivity Kit to test our materials.
After the wool is humanely sheared off of the sheep, the first step is for the grower to remove the belly and dung wool. These are the dirtiest parts of the fleece, in turn leaving us with cleaner grease wool. Grease wool is the fresh wool right off of the sheep’s back before being processed in any way. Once we have collected all our wool for the year, the wool is shipped to Texas to be scoured (washed) in the last large scale functional scouring plant in the USA. The wool is cleaned with boiling hot water and a natural detergent. After being washed, the wool is dried in huge commercial driers. When complete, the wool is then sent back to our mill in Montague, California where the wool is picked and carded. Because the wool has been tightly packed in bails, the wool needs to be picked in order to add air to the wool making it fluffy and soft. At this stage, a little water is added to the fibers in order to decrease the chance of static electricity occurring during carding. The wool is then carded in a 3 breaker carding mill. A carding mill is a large machine with tons of large rollers that have spikes or combs all over them. These rolling combs take the wool fibers and stretch them out and lay them on top of each other to create solid wool batting. The wool batting is what is placed inside all of our wool filled bedding products.
We are proud to offer itch-free wool. It is so soft that some people like to sleep directly on the wool, although for most of us just one layer of organic cotton covering the wool creates a perfectly soft combination. If you are concerned about having a reaction to the wool, we would be happy to send you our Sensitivity Kit which includes samples of our wool and our other raw materials. To learn more about why wool sometimes makes people feel itchy and why our wool doesn’t, check out our blog.
Wool has been known to relieve many body aches and pains including back pain. A wool bed in itself is not guaranteed to take away your back pain, but it will definitely help. Wool naturally makes you relax which in turn relieves stress and tension and allows your body to peacefully enter into sleep. This makes for a truly restorative sleep for all the cells of your body. We encourage people to also get some exercise during the day, take a hot bath or sauna in the evening, and eat healthy food in order to help with all types of body pains.
It is okay to place the wool mattress on the floor temporarily, but for greater longevity, it is important that the mattress is placed on a slatted frame to allow for breathability and moisture flow. If you would like to sleep with the wool mattress on the floor we have some suggestions in order to keep it in good condition. Fold or roll the mattress up daily or at least once a week to allow for the underneath to air out and become completely dry. Place the mattress on a natural surface, ideally a floor made of wood, bamboo, cork or wool carpet/rug.
If you are going to store your comforter during the summer months, we suggest that you store it either in a cedar chest, in a bright area, or with a combination of different moth repellant scents such as essential oils of cedar, lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, or patchouli. You can keep a little sachet with some of these fresh herbs inside or use the oils. Or you can place the comforter in an air tight plastic bag if that sounds better to you.
Clean up as much as possible with towels. Fill bathtub or basin with cool/tepid water. Add a bit of detergent to the water or directly to soiled area. Submerge soiled area and swish gently in the water. Drain the basin, press water out of the bedding, and repeat as desired. Avoid wringing or twisting the wet wool. To remove odors, you can dilute vinegar in water and pour through the soiled area.
The neck pillow is designed to relieve or cure cervical neck pain by keeping the natural curve or your neck supported. The neck pillow can be used with our sleep pillows although if you have a sensitive neck, we recommend using the thin Sleep Pillow because it will lift your head less. You can sleep on your back or on your side when using the neck roll.