Cascade Latex Base


Place this Cascade Latex Base beneath your All Wool Mattress to help soften a naturally firm wool bed.

On its own, wool can feel too firm for some folks. Adding our 3″ latex pad underneath the wool mattress allows you to experience the resilient and supportive benefits of wool with a little more give than wool alone is able to provide.

Earn up to 7,900 Dream Points.

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Add our Cascade Latex Base beneath your All Wool Mattress to soften up your wool bed. Take it one step further with the addition of a wool topper for the ultimate, luxurious layered wool bed.

One of the chief advantages of latex bedding is its elasticity. This elasticity allows the mattress to conform easily to any body shape while also providing a deeper, full body support. Additionally, natural latex foam is also incredibly versatile which makes it ideal for comfort and pain relief.

Our 3" latex base is available in a medium-firm density for optimal support. This pad is made of 100% natural Dunlop latex. The latex is encased in a organic cotton zippered encasement for easy removal and therefore convenient sunning and airing of the encasement. Completely free of synthetic materials, this layer is all natural and breathable.

About Latex

Latex is a milky fluid found in many plants. Mattress grade latex comes from the sap of Hevea brasiliensis, a tropical rubber tree that grows in South-East Asia, Africa, and South America. Rubber trees can be tapped for latex for approximately 32 years. As a processed product, natural latex is a white milky fluid which is a stable dispersion of rubber particles in water.

Our natural latex is processed domestically and grown on plantations in Guatemala. Because of our high standards our manufacturer maintains close relationships with these rubber plantations to ensure quality and consistency. Our latex is FSC Certified, which is acknowledged by the Rainforest Alliance, and it's Oeko-Tex Class 1 Certified.

About the Dunlop Process

The ingredients for making natural latex rubber are latex in its milky fluid form, soaps, vulcanization agents, and compressed air. The latex is washed in a three step process. The wash process uses water to remove some of the residual soaps and curing agents out of the latex. This stage also removed the majority of natural latex proteins out of the latex. While these proteins are what can cause an allergic reaction, they are also water soluble so the majority are removed during this process. The latex is then rinsed and squeezed through two rolls, then repeated two more times. The result is then put into a continuous foamer, mixed, and then poured into a mold. The mold is put into a vulcanization oven and steamed at 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The piece that comes out of the oven is then washed and dried.



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Linda Z.

You guys were great to work with!!!😁. So appreciate the dream points discount and absolutely enjoying the latex foam! No smell of chemicals! Just way good!! Thank you.


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