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Oxygen Pillow by European Sleep Works



This is it—the pillow for back and side sleepers! The Oxygen Pillow is available in a range of sizes, providing personalized fit and reliable support. The unique tri-layer construction provides stable positioning for your head and neck, and because it’s made from eco-certified latex and cotton, it’s durable and feels great.

Which size is best for me? Check out our Oxygen Pillow size guide.

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The Oxygen Pillow comes in a range of heights and firmnesses. Designed for side and back sleeping, the pillow’s tri-layer construction supports the head and neck. Made from eco-certified latex foam and cotton, this pillow can also provide relief to your shoulders and keep the chest in a more open, relaxed position.

The height of this pillow corresponds to the amount of latex included in the semi-hollow center. 0 is equivalent to low, 1 is medium, 1.5 is medium-high, and 2 is high. The firmnesses vary from soft to firm.

A pillow made for side sleeping

Side sleeping is the most common sleep posture — it’s comfortable and helps some people reduce snoring and breathe easier, but most pillows are too low or soft for comfort. Side sleepers often have to stack, bunch or fold pillows to get the support they need. Unfortunately, these kinds of strategies fail to provide reliable elevation as you shift positions throughout the night. The result? A pillow you have to “manage” to get the support you need.

The Oxygen Pillow eliminates the need to manage a pillow by giving you personalized fit and contour. It matches the correct height and density to the elevation you need for comfortable side sleeping.

Advantages of the Oxygen Pillow

  • Makes side sleeping easier — a position which has been shown to improve nighttime breathing
  • Helps reduce shoulder pressure and neck discomfort
  • Helps stabilize body position
  • Provides the height you need without bunching, folding or stacking pillows

Which size is best for me? Check out our Oxygen Pillow size guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
James M.
Overpriced and overstuffed.

To say this pillow didn’t work for me would be a huge understatement— it’s probably one of my least favorite pillows ever, and the most expensive. I’m 5’ 10” so ordered the medium height. It’s way, way too tall and there’s no absolutely no recessed or softer area in the middle that would indicate the super-special construction it’s supposed to have. It likes a sack stuffed with pieces of rubber, because that’s what it is.

Stephen C.

Oxygen Pillow by European Sleep Works

I appreciate this pillow!

I appreciate this new oxygen pillow for sure! Thank you! It is a little firmer than I expected and my ear has had to get used to it a bit. But all and all I am getting a better night sleep and it has helped my oxygen situation, I think, due to holding my head in the correct position. I'm Comfy and Grateful now!

Cheryl S.
Best pillow ever

This pillow does not disappoint. Had to replace my first one and was happy to find a company I could order it from. It’s fitted to me so very comfortable.

David L.

Awesome pillow. Love how you can customize the thickness and density.

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