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Merino Wool Blanket



Surround yourself with the comforts of our undyed, blankets made with organic Merino wool.  Superfine and luxurious, these blankets are lightweight enough for a newborn baby yet durable enough for your own bed.



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Our undyed wool blanket is made with organic Merino wool and is finished off with a classic overlock stitch. Because wool is temperature regulating, this blanket suitable for both the winter and summer months. Since these blankets are machine washable, they will soften with time.

Proper care is important for your blanket’s longevity and softness. Blanket can be freshened by being hung in the sunshine for a few hours. When washing is required, use a mild detergent safe for wool (like Eucalan) on the delicate cycle setting with cold water. Hang to air dry with plenty of circulation.


The Perfect Merino Wool Blanket

  • Unmatched Fiber: Made with finest organic wool from New Zealand.
  • Versatile: Lightweight yet warm.
  • Convenience: Machine washable.
  • Thermo-regulating: As a result, this blanket will provide comfort all year round.
  • Non-Toxic: Produced without harmful chemicals.
  • Specs: Our blanket textile weighs 46 oz per linear yard.


Size Width x Length (inches)
Baby 36 x 43
Lap 25 x 50
Throw 43 x 60
Extra Long Throw 46 x 81
Twin 72 x 81
Double/Queen 90 x 81
King 106 x 81

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Me i.M.
Feels like home

I'm trying to minimize my impact on the earth as much as possible while also taking care of some specific needs. This natural, undyed wool blanket covers a lot of points.

Electric blankets made out of fleece had me either too warm or not warm enough, so sleep was extremely restless. As a little kid, my grandparents always had Hudson Bay blankets on the beds, but the history of those is fraught with social injustice. I found Shepherd's Dream by search and was so happy to find an ethical source for wool products that are made to be as natural as possible. (I'm also chemically injured, so toxic dyes are a concern as they impact others making the product.)

The first night I crawled into bed, it felt like the beds at my grandparents: a firm, nicely weighted covering that keeps me warm, but not too. I'm in New England and we're heading from cool spring into a suddenly hot summer. I still keep the blanket over my feet and it's just right. I'm so happy to have found Shepherd's Dream! The blanket is beautifully made, soft and came with care instructions. I expect to have it for many years. The quality tag was even signed by a real person. 🙂

I also purchased one of wool contoured pillows. I love it, too. Some have reported lanolin odors on wool products. I have noticed no such thing and I'm sensitive to odors.

I highly recommend this blanket (and pillow) to anyone looking for a quality, warm, breathable, sustainable product. Thank you Shepherd's Dream for filling a much needed niche.

Me in ME


The merino wool blanket exceeded my expectations! It is soft, thick, warm and cozy. I love sleeping under wool because of its temperature regulating properties. This blanket is a dream.

Lily R.
Very happy with this blanket!

I am going through the "change of life" to use a southern term, which results in wild swings from being too cold to too hot in the same night, even before I've gone to sleep. I've discovered how much more comfortable natural fabrics are in terms of sweating and whatnot, but cotton blankets were still too cold unless I layered 2 or 3, then inevitably too warm with that many later in the night. So I decided to try a wool blanket, and splurged on this beautiful merino wool blanket because I do have sensory issues and I knew regular wool would be too itchy for me even with a sheet. The merino wool blanket is not itchy at all! It is very soft and sensory friendly. And for temperature regulation, it's like magic. I thought I would miss my electric blanket, but when I'm cold, I warm up surprisingly fast under this blanket with no extra layers needed, and I have yet to get too hot! Every perimenopausal woman needs one of these blankets. My only little gripe is that I wish there was a Twin XL size, because this blanket is a bit short on the end of my Twin XL bed for my taste. But my feet are still covered, and I still feel like it's worth 5 stars in spite of this.

F K.C.

Merino Wool Blanket

Love these blankets!

These blankets are perfect weight for year round. Just need to add extra comforter in the winter.