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Snuggle Mate Wool Topper



Our Snuggle Mate Wool Topper cradles your body in absolute comfort. Pure and natural EcoWool® fill won’t let you overheat, yet provides just the right amount of next-to-body coziness. Adds softness to our All Wool Mattress or any mattress.

Earn up to 9,600 Dream Points.


Our 3″ Snuggle Mate Wool Topper is made with layers of raw EcoWool® batting and encased in organic cotton sateen. Read below to learn more about the benefits of untreated, chemical-free wool. Use this topper with any bed to provide a supportive cushion. Add the comfort and breathability of a wool topper to your existing mattress.


Caring for your Snuggle Mate Wool Topper is simple: sun and air. Sun and air will bleach out any discoloration and refresh the wool. Spot wash if necessary with a biodegradable, natural detergent or solution of vinegar and water and allow to air dry. Do not machine wash or dry. Additionally, rotating and flipping your wool topper whenever you change your sheets ensures even compression.


Made by hand, our Snuggle Mate Wool Topper is constructed with longevity in mind. Wool is naturally resilient, meaning that once your topper has compressed it will retain its comfort and shape for its lifetime. As a natural fiber wool offers so many benefits (see below). In reciprocity, wool thrives when it’s well cared for. Being mindful of wool compression by encouraging even compression is the best way to extend its lifespan. Find tips about even wool compression here. This topper will compress between 30% and 40% within the first six months of regular use.

Benefits of Wool

  • Wool is temperature regulating, meaning it will help keep you warm when you’re too cold and cool when you’re too warm.
  • Wool is a breathable, natural fiber.
  • Wool bedding is proven to encourage deeper, more restful sleep.
  • Wool is naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Wool helps to relieve painful pressure points.
  • Wool is naturally flame resistant and completely non-toxic.
  • Wool is the idea fiber for sleep as it responds to your body’s ever changing needs.
Size Width x Length (inches) Wool Fill Weight (lbs)
Single 38 x 75 9.5
Single XL 38 x 80 10.5
Double 54 x 75 13
Queen 60 x 80 15
California King 84 x 72 19
Eastern King 80 x 76 19.5

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Lauren S.

I got the Snuggle Mate to top my 8-layer wool felt mattress (also from Shepherd's Dream). I love the firmness of the wool felts (which I've been sleeping on for about 10 years -- highly recommend!), but as I'm getting older, I wanted to add a bit more cushioning.

The Snuggle Mate is perfect for me! It feels cuddly and luxurious, but not suffocating or so pillowy that you sink in. I've just slept through three nights of hot weather, and it is surprisingly breathable. It's also lightweight enough that even in the Queen size, I can rotate/flip it easily by myself.

I would highly recommend this topper if you love the feel of your current mattress, but want to add a layer of gentle cushioning.

Trista C.
Love it

Very soft and well made. Very happy with the quality.

Very Comfortable

I bought the foam base, the wool mattress and the topper. We’ve been sleeping on it for several weeks and really like this combo. It is very comfortable. One thing I really like about this combo is that it is very easy to work with. I had ordered another wool mattress that turned out to be not only uncomfortable, but very difficult to work with because it was very, very heavy. It was very difficult to put fitted sheets on it, and needed to be turned regularly, which was difficult for us to accomplish. That mattress had springs, which while done differently than the old standard, still caused me to have issues with pressure points. I love that this mattress has nothing resembling a spring. Yes all the pieces need turning, flipping and occasional airing, but the individual pieces are pretty easy to maneuver, even for old people like us who don’t have great strength. The turning, flipping, etc. do take some work, but it’s not much and that little extra is a small price to pay for having a bed we really enjoy sleeping in.

Joy B.
It's Been Over Six Years...

It's been over six years since I've bought from Shepherds Dream and still love everything, including the mattress topper which is what I started out with. Then I got a winter comforter, then a summer one, then a 7" mattress, then another one, then a pillow, then another one! Everything they sell is top notch and still going strong. I air out everything as often as possible especially in the hot Idaho sun during the summer. As you can imagine with kids and pets, there some stains on it in spite of spot cleaning as soon as possible but I keep the covers on everything so you don't even know. This is money well spent and you won't regret it! If you do, send what you don't want to me and I'll put it to good use!!!

Theresa K.
Wonderful real sleep finally!

I absolutely love this wool mattress topper, so soft yet supportive and the comfort of knowing I’m sleeping on something made for me by real people out of real wool fiber and materials. Connect back to the real world people 💜
Thank you!

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