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Body Pillow



Filled with pure EcoWool® and encased in soft cotton sateen, this body pillow adds extra comfort and great support for side sleepers and pregnant women. Available with or without an organic cotton sateen cover.

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Add this full-size wool body pillow to your bed for extra support while sleeping on your side or as a bolster when sitting up in bed. This pillow is made out of the purest materials available, and comes with an option for a washable organic cotton sateen cover.

Wool Filled Body Pillows Provide Excellent Support

  • Provides excellent back and leg support for pregnant women
  • Use this pillow behind you while sitting up in bed
  • This pillow is the perfect cuddle companion
  • Made with EcoWool® fill and a cotton sateen encasement
  • This pillow will not make you overheat or feel clammy because wool is a natural temperature regulator
  • Option for a soft cotton sateen washable cover, available in Ivory

All of our wool filled pillows are ideal for a healthy bedroom! Wool reduces common bedroom allergens because it is naturally mold, mildew, and dust mite resistant. Wool quickly absorbs and releases moisture and thus, does not allow the damp conditions that molds thrive on. Other natural fibers, such as down and cotton, do not readily release moisture. Wool is also naturally fire-resistant which means that all of our bedding is able to pass flame tests without the use of any added chemicals.

Treat yourself or someone you love to perfect, all-natural full-body support with this healthy and cozy wool body pillow!

Size Width x Length (inches) Wool Fill Weight (Lbs)
Body Pillow with Cover 16 x 50 4
Body Pillow Without Cover 16 x 50 4
Body Pillow Cover 17 x 55

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sound S.
Great for side sleepers

I've got a bad back, which can be aggravated easily while side sleeping, but unfortunately that's the only way I can get comfortable and sleep. Body pillows help to alleviate the issue with the added support for the spine and hips. This has been the best pillow I've been able to find for it. Wool has just the right amount of support and give, and the batting is packed in tight, leaving no room for gaps and voids, which was an issue a few others I'd used in the past. Two thumbs up on this one.

Eric S.
Best Body Pillow

I got this pillow for my wife while she was pregnant and it made a huge difference in her sleep. She could get comfortable and sleep much longer that without. Happy wife happy life.

Savanna G.
Good buy

Worth the money: environmentally and ethically conscious as well as high quality

Sarah A.
Very Comfy!

This pillow is very full, and feels soft and supportive. The case is lovely. I love the wool products from Shepherds dream bc I love how easy it is to care for them. I am using it for my pregnant sleeping needs but will use it for my bed even after.

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