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Philosophy and Mission

As cottage industry bed makers, we believe in a cooperative work environment that encourages the unique skills of each individual. With dedication to the highest quality craftsmanship, we create a pure, unique wool bed while providing excellent customer service. As pioneers in the American natural mattress and bedding industry, we strive to demonstrate the use of proper materials, production techniques and lifestyle principles with commitment to sustainable industry practices.

Making the Highest-Quality Wool-Filled Bedding

Our wool bed captures the wisdom of a different place and era. The wool bed is simple, natural, and expertly hand-made.

We use the highest-quality materials available and every item is hand-made in our northern California workshop. Our wool bedding is “heirloom” quality and made with the intention that many of our products will last a lifetime. We believe the current trend toward inexpensive “disposable” products that are short-lived and made in foreign countries is not sustainable.

Educating People About Sleeping on Natural Bedding

We hope to communicate with a growing audience that desires a healthier home and living environment. Many of us question the wisdom of sleeping on mattresses made of petroleum-based foams. We are happy to teach people what we have learned about natural wool bedding and how to properly maintain a natural bed. After extensive research and experience, we believe that a properly maintained wool-filled bed is the most ideal sleep environment available. Wool is the ideal fiber for bedding. It is naturally breathable, hypo- allergenic, easy to care for, and passes strict flame tests without chemical treatment.

Revitalizing a Sustainable Domestic Wool Source

Shepherd’s Dream is a critical link between wool growers and the sleeper who enjoys the benefits of wool. Through comprehensive and well written product descriptions/web pages, our customers will know the whole story behind the wool-filled product from the sheep to the bed. By being well informed, the buyer has the opportunity to vote for the eco-conscious (humane, toxin-free and local) wool by purchasing these products. EcoWool® is a program which seeks to reverse the trend of dwindling domestic wool production. By paying a fair price for EcoWool®, we are reviving the market for North American wool AND letting wool growers know that there is a strong market for wool that is raised locally and without harmful chemicals.

Evolving a Cottage Industry

We are happy to be a small business. In our ever-productive world it seems that small businesses are giving way to giant profit-driven corporations. Instead of using that unsustainable model of growth and profit we strive to empower our local economy by creating jobs in our region that offer a living wage and a joyful work environment.

Greening our Entire Business

Natural wool bedding is only the beginning of our greener business. We try to make the best environmental choice in all aspects of our business.

Yes, we use organic cotton and natural, local wool… but we are doing much more than that! We make every effort to minimize our impact on Earth. We re-use boxes, buy 100% Post-Consumer-Waste paper, recycle or reuse everything we can, use energy efficient everything, even our hand-soap is organic! We are living proof that a business can (and is responsible to) make these green choices and still remain competitive with the bigger businesses. Customers have the power to decide with their dollars and we are happy to offer a greener bedding choice!