Ashland Organic Wool Pillow


Our Ashland Organic Wool Pillows are all natural and synthetic free.

These wool pillows are made with organic wool batting sewn into an organic cotton encasement. Wool is naturally soft while still maintaining a beneficial level of firmness to support you while you sleep. These pillows will compress about 30%-40% within the first six months of regular use and are designed for longevity.GOTS certified organic

Certified by Oregon Tilth

Earn up to 1,740 Dream Points.

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Our Ashland Organic Wool Pillows are made with sheets of organic wool batting sewn into an organic cotton sateen encasement. The result is a smooth, all-natural pillow. Investing in wool pillows is a great start towards a healthy bed.

Your Pillow Choices

Our Ashland Organic Wool Pillows come in Standard, Queen, and King sizes. See the 'product specifications' tab to learn more about these standard dimensions.

Choose between a thin, medium, and thick pillow. Stomach and back sleepers may prefer a thinner pillow, while side sleepers benefit from the neck support of a thicker pillow.

We at Shepherd's Dream know that choosing the right pillow for you is a personal choice. With that in mind, we strive to offer healthy and supportive options so that you may sleep your natural best.

Learn more about ways to use pillows to get better sleep and reduce pain on our blog.

Benefits of Wool Pillows

Our Ashland Organic Wool Pillow offers excellent support for the body.

Wool has been known to relieve many body aches and pains, including back pain. Wool naturally helps you relax, relieving stress and tension, and allows your body to peacefully enter into sleep. This makes for a truly restorative sleep.

Caring for your Ashland Organic Wool Pillow

  • Keep your pillow protected with an untreated or organic pillow protector.
  • Sun and air seasonally to naturally bleach out stains and to revitalize the wool.
  • Easily spot clean with a natural soap or wool wash like Eucalan if an accident occurs.


  • Thin Standard Pillow
  • Medium Standard Pillow
  • Thick Standard Pillow
  • Thin Queen Pillow
  • Medium Queen Pillow
  • Thick Queen Pillow
  • Thin King Pillow
  • Medium King Pillow
  • Thick King Pillow

Width x Length (in inches)

  • 20 X 25
  • 20 x 25
  • 20 x 25
  • 20 X 30
  • 20 x 30
  • 20 x 30
  • 20 X 36
  • 20 x 36
  • 20 x 36

Wool Fill Weight

  • 23 oz.
  • 28 oz.
  • 33 oz.
  • 30 oz.
  • 35 oz.
  • 40 oz.
  • 38 oz.
  • 44 oz.
  • 50 oz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ashland Organic Wool Pillow

All the products that I have purchased from Shepherd's Dream were of extremely high quality and last for a long time. The staff is also very friendly and accommodating when you place the order.

Rose L.
Best Pillow out there

We purchased the medium Ashland Organic Wool Pillow.
It is wonderful, cool, and very comfortable. I would consider getting another one in the heavy? so I have the option on a litter thicker pillow when needed.

Gregory C.

Ashland Organic Wool Pillow

Louise H.
Ashland organic wool pillow

The pillow is wonderful I use it together with the neck pillow. Right now it’s perfect but if it settles then it will be too thin for me. Not being able to buy in store makes it more of a guess with thickness to buy.

A. M.
fantastic pillow

A perfect amount of loft and softness. I got the medium, and it is actually a bit too fluffy and thick for me. I think if I could see the pillows in person, I would have chosen the "thin" version, but its not shepherds dream fault. I love the pillow and use it as my best decorative pillow. The wool is dreamy.


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