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Handmade Sustainable Wool & Organic Cotton Bedding


USA Grown Ecowool®️

Eco-friendly & Non-Toxic

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Dream In Wool

Shepherd’s Dream Signature EcoWool Mattress. The cult favorite that started it all! Find out how all-natural wool bedding can help you achieve your sweetest dreams.

Dream in Luxury

GOTS-certified, all-season organic softness. Our most versatile weight comforter for anytime coziness.

Dream in Organic Cotton

Every pure mattress needs organic cotton sheets that meet our standards. Like an outfit for your bedroom!

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Organic wool bedding that is truly safe and sustainable for you and the Earth.

Our philosophy captures the wisdom of a different place and era. As members of the cottage bedding industry, our all-natural wool bedding is simple, natural, and expertly hand-made, as it has been since 1997.

We use the highest-quality materials available and every item is created in our northern California workshop. Our organic wool bedding is “heirloom” quality and made with the intention that our products will last a lifetime. The current trend toward inexpensive “disposable” products made in foreign countries is not sustainable and is harmful for all living beings. We want to change that.

Wool Bed Guide

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A Toxin-Free Bed

All Wool Surround

Sustainability Matters

Mattress Recycling

our Counting Sheep blog- Tips & tricks for getting the best sleep, naturally

Accountability Matters.

We take our role in the circularity of manufacturing and production seriously. These are organizations we partner with for responsibility, traceability, and sustainability.

This is not just about pretty certification logos on our website—this is a deep, grassroots-style commitment to doing it right every step of the way. Our wool sheep graze in our regional mountain ranges. That wool travels to a mill in our hometown, and the people who work there are members of our community. For us, it’s personal.

Simply put, making the best all-natural mattresses and organic wool bedding products possible is our contribution to a more sustainable future.

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