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Clearance Wool Bedding



From time to time, we construct our wool bedding with small imperfections. With reasons ranging from slightly off dimensions to light fabric discolorations, these handcrafted products are expertly made, 100% functional, and beautifully flawed.

Clearance items are subject to availability. Please feel free to email or call with questions about any particular product.

All sales of clearance items are final and not returnable. 

Rest assured, we never resell used bedding, and federal law prohibits the resale of used bedding.

Earn up to 6,200 Dream Points.


Because of our high standards, some of our products don’t always make the cut. Our clearance bedding is made with the same attention to detail and expertise as all of our products, however, the handmade process creates opportunities for slight imperfections.

All of our bedding is made with a combination of the purest materials: organic cotton, all-natural dunlop latex, and top quality wool. Our wool bedding is made with either local EcoWool® or GOTS-certified organic wool from New Zealand.

Curious about the difference between EcoWool® and GOTS organic wool?

Here is what our EcoWool and organic wool have in common:

  • Performance: both wool blends perform the same in our bedding.
  • Standards: both wool blends are cruelty-free and chemical-free.

And here are their differences:

  • Source: our EcoWool is sourced from local farms in Southern Oregon and Northern California whereas our organic wool is sourced from GOTS certified farms in New Zealand.

Unique Woolaca Bedding

Occasionally we have Woolaca products in stock. The blend we use is 70% wool with 30% alpaca.

Advantages of Alpaca:

  • Same Favorable Characteristics of Wool: Breathability, moisture wicking, and temperature regulating advantages.
  • Prevents Felting: Woolaca doesn’t felt together as easily as 100% wool. Alpaca is a more smooth, slick fiber.
  • Uniform Batting: This blend offers slightly firmer comfort and is less prone to body impressions.
  • Volume: Alpaca tends to offer more volume per weight.

Whatever you choose, rest assured that all of our products are made with the best materials on the market.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Chris M.
I love it all

Everything I’ve bought from Shepherd’s Dream has been high quality and worth every penny. I’ve bought a topper, wool blanket, ashland pillow and dream pillow. They are all great, but the Dream pillow is worth every penny and more. If you’re thinking about it, do it! It’s an investment in yourself

Joyce B.
Sometimes You Wonder

Sometimes you wonder if wool bedding is worth the investment. Why not just buy something cheaper somewhere else. Here to tell you that Shepherd's Dream really is a dream. I've had my wool mattress and comforter and pillow for about ten years now. The mattresses and toppers and still going strong. I air them in the hot sun once a year and they have kept me warm and comfortable all these years. The pillow is, understandably compressed, so I picked up another one and together, they are perfect. It is an investment worth making as I feel like I will have these another ten years. I don't think you'll regret making this investment in your bedding, something you use every single day of the year for eight to ten hours a day!

Kristinfay d.

Beautiful. I love it! I don't notice any imperfections. So grateful to own this blanket.

Amy C.
Love our Wool Topper & Bought a Second one for our Van Bed!

Getting in to bed is always welcome especially since purchasing a Shepherd's Dream 3" wool topper! My husband and I use it year round and sleep so comfortably that we purchased one for our van bed as well! We were gifted 2 Shepherd's Dream wool pillows which smell wonderful and feel very supportive... as the wool pillow compresses a bit with use, I feel the pillow is more custom to how I sleep and my own posture/alignment. I personally feel great about the quality of the materials, simple design and eco-friendly aspect of these products and know that the price reflects the value. I will continue to recommend these products to friends. Thank you to all of our sheep friends and to Shepherd's Dream!

Daniel M.
Quality and Care

Having bought wool products from American companies several times only to see upon delivery that the product was made overseas with imported products, It was exciting and refreshing to find a company like Shepard’s Dream. The quality is unmistakable and the care taken from start to finish is obvious. Got some baby blankets for my 96 year old mom to keep her comfy. She loves them. Enough said. Money well spent.

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