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The Earth Day Sale 2024

Plastic-free products the Earth loves

It’s here! Our annual Earth Day Sale begins today, with 15% off site-wide (excluding some furniture, specialty items, and already discounted items). 

This year’s official Earth Day theme is Planet vs. Plastics, and all April long we’ve been exploring ways for you to move toward a more plastic-free life. Check out our prior Counting Sheep installments on this year’s Earth Day focus:

Shepherd’s Dream’s mission from the very beginning has been to offer an all-natural alternative to the conventional mattress and bedding industry’s reliance on plastics, synthetics, and chemicals. Given that we spend a third of our lifetimes in our bedrooms, we believe that this often overlooked room of our house deserves to be the healthiest and most comfortable environment possible. 

And now, you can stock up on all your plastic-free favorites for bed and home. Read on for more on some of our favorites!

The Earth Day Sale 2024 1


Our mattress line is growing! We’re debuting a new option to meet more sleepers’ needs (with more to come soon!).

  • All Wool Mattress. The mattress that started the dream—it’s a classic for a reason! US-sourced EcoWool® batting encased in a wool fabric, this is the one for purists and those who like a firmer sleep surface. 
  • Evaya Bliss Mattress. Presenting…our latest offering! Organic and luxurious, but for a wonderful price point. This is our first coiled mattress for those looking for something more traditional, but with all the natural wool and cotton you’d expect from Shepherd’s Dream. Check it out!
  • Cascade Latex Mattress. Responsibly-sourced latex wrapped with EcoWool and organic cotton. Super simple and simply wonderful, especially for side sleepers. 
The Earth Day Sale 2024 2

Wool Toppers

Made with luxurious layers of wool batting, we offer three versions to top any mattress for extra softness.

The Earth Day Sale 2024 3

Wool Comforters

Wool is the perfect fiber, giving you the right amount of insulation without letting you overheat or get all sweaty at night. 

  • Summer Weight Comforter. Super light and comfortable to take the edge off those summer nights or air conditioner chill. 
The Earth Day Sale 2024 4

Apparel, Accessories, & More

So many wonderful plastic-free goodies! No synthetic fabrics, no plastic components or materials, and no greenwashing. These are the real deal and will uplevel your eco-friendly lifestyle. For more great items beyond our bedroom products, be sure to check out the Home & More section of our website.

  • Apparel. From Icebreaker Merino wool base layers to comfy Coyuchi organic cotton robes, we’ve got natural fibers for your body too.
  • Handmade Wool Felted Soap. All-natural handmade soap wrapped in EcoWool acts as a natural gentle scrubber. A wonderful gift!

Earth Day 2024

Earth Day is everyday around here at Shepherd’s Dream, but we love the annual opportunity to really tune in and do our part. While there is much work to be done, there is also so much to celebrate about this beautiful planet of ours. We hope you’ve found some inspiration to continue integrating plastic-free products and principles into your life for this Earth Day and beyond.

Thanks for tuning in! We’re so grateful for our Counting Sheep blog readers. We hope that by limiting your plastic usage that you sleep soundly at night knowing you’re doing something beneficial. Until next time, give us a follow on Instagram, and sweet dreams!

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