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Summer Weight Comforter



Our Summer Weight Comforter is ideal for warmer climates or for use during the warmer months. Filled with all-natural EcoWool® batting and encased in soft, luxurious cotton sateen, this comforter is as pure as can be. Recommended for bedroom temperatures approximately 75 degrees or over. Comes with corner loops.

Comforters ship out within 1 to 2 weeks. Rush orders are available for an additional 10% charge.

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Sleep Your Natural Best

Unlike down, the wool-filled Summer Weight Comforter will not overheat and never feels clammy, making it perfect for summer! It is a pleasantly lightweight comforter that is slightly heavier than down. Wool has a natural ability to regulate your body temperature and allow you to sleep more soundly through the night. This Summer Weight Comforter is ideal for people who live in warmer, humid climates or for those who are hot sleepers and want a lighter comforter for the warmer months. Excellent for children.

  • Keep your comforter protected with an organic natural fiber duvet cover.
  • Sun and air seasonally to naturally bleach out stains and to revitalize the wool.
  • Can easily be spot washed if an accident occurs; dry clean if necessary.

Why EcoWool® Batting?

  • Sourced from small family farmers on the Pacific Northwest Coast, all of whom abide by strict regulations to ensure that ethical, sustainable practices are upheld to protect animals, humans, and the land.
  • Scoured using biodegradable soap and minimal water in Texas, then transferred to Montague, California where it is gently combed using their antique carding machines.
  • Is highly sought after for its high loft and resiliency.
  • No chemicals are ever used in processing, making it excellent for those who suffer from allergies and sensitivities.
  •
Size Width x Length (inches) Wool Fill Weight (Lbs)
Single 70 x 88 2
Double Queen 86 x 88 3
King 108 x 88 4

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rebecca N.
Best Solution for Hot Sleepers

I had a hard time believing a wool comforter would keep me cool and stop my on again off again cover tossing. The explanation of how sheep regulate their temperature seemed far fetched yet here I am positively elated with my purchase. I have bought dozens of comforters, blankets, sheets and this is the first in years that actually keeps me cool but adjusts and keeps me comfortably warm. I will add the unpopular opinion to not add a duvet cover. It makes the comforter hot. It seems the wool needs to breathe and even an organic cotton cover blocks it causing me to flip the covers on and off again. I’m hoping to lightly hand clean any soiled areas and air out the comforter every couple of months. Honestly, being able to get good nights of sleep is worth the price even if I have to buy a new comforter every year (which I really don’t expect will be needed). No dogs on the bed and no kids around so things should stay clean. I don’t usually write reviews but this comforter deserves praise!

Nonie B.

I never received the order

Lucy P.
Quality product

My daughter describes it like a wonderful cozy soft cloud.

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