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A woman gently holds a young girl on her lap wrapped up in a green-and-black-checked wool blanket.

The Cozy Guide: Creating Your Cold Weather Sanctuary

We don’t know how the weather’s feeling where you are, but here at Shepherd’s Dream headquarters around the 42nd parallel, the days are growing shorter, the mornings have a chilly edge to them, and the leaves are beginning to fade out from the height of their summer green. You know what that means—it’s cozy time!

A view from a cozy bed with warm blankets and tea looks out patio doors to a deck and trees.

Falling for Sustainable Home Decor Trends

Here we are at the threshold of Fall 2023, and the energy in the marketplace is a bit…chaotic. On the one hand, we’ve been emerging from the haze of the global pandemic and refocusing on home and our wellbeing, and on the other, the economy is wonky and news is dire about our planet’s ecological health. What’s a bedding company to do?

Upgrading Dorm Room Comfort: Bedding Essentials Every Student Needs 1

Upgrading Dorm Room Comfort: Bedding Essentials Every Student Needs

It’s that time of year…new students are heading to campus and moving into dorm rooms and college apartments. Even though they may be leaving the nest, it doesn’t mean they have to sleep on the usual college bedding. Many of our items are perfect for dorm life or those formative college apartments.