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How To Design an All-Natural Luxury Bedroom With Wool

All too often, natural and organic qualities don’t necessarily equal a superior product. As conscious consumers, we usually have to choose between a product that is the overall healthier choice and a product that feels better, performs better, or even looks better.

For folks like us who value products that are healthier for our bodies, for the planet, and for future generations, we don’t always have a lot of options.

Since 1997, Shepherd’s Dream has sought to design the most beautifully constructed wool bedding. Our luxury bedroom set exhibits all of the qualities we value in natural products by being:

  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Sustainable
  • Synthetic-free

At the same time, our premium bedding products also accentuate the qualities we prefer in a luxury bedroom such as comfort, support, aesthetics, and design.

Finally, a choice that checks off all the boxes!

Here’s how to design a beautiful and luxurious bedroom using wool bedding, sustainable furniture and other all-natural products in 4 easy steps:

Step #1: Find the right bed frame

Angled view of walnut Century frame outdoors

Every luxury bedroom requires beautiful bedroom furniture. Furniture is the bones of your bedroom, which is why you want a bed frame that features your bed and compliments your luxurious bedding. Our Puritas wooden slatted frames are the ideal companions to any wool bedding combo.

Step #2: Choose the right nightstand

Maple Nightstand next to Maple Frame by Puritas

A handcrafted, classic Puritas Nightstand will tuck perfectly next to your bed and give your room a more polished look. Select maple wood for a light color, cherry for a medium hue, or walnut for a dark approach to match your bed frame.

Step #3: Assemble a layered wool mattress

With your wooden slatted frame in place, create a flexible and elastic base layer for your wool bed with our Cascade Latex Base. This 3” synthetic-free Dunlop latex pad offers more give than wool alone is able to provide. We suggest adding a base layer of pure latex foam to soften a naturally firm wool bed.

Natural 3" Latex Core with Organic Cotton Encasement

Now it’s time to add the next layer, the mattress. Your mattress is the heart of your bedroom. Our 5” all-wool mattress is our signature product and a most extraordinary offering. Placed on top of the Cascade Latex Base, the Shepherd’s Dream all wool mattress is both resilient and supportive.

Wool Mattress on Walnut Century Frame with nightstands

For extra cushion, we recommend placing our Snuggle Mate Wool Topper on top of your wool mattress. This 3” wool topper is designed to provide all the benefits of wool as a top layer to any mattress. Temperature regulation, moisture wicking, and resilient support are just a few of the many benefits.

3" Wool Mattress Topper

Finally, protect all of your layers with our Wool Mattress Protector. This non-itch protector is breathable yet naturally water resistant. Simply throw it into the washing machine whenever there are accidents or spills.

Washable Wool Mattress Protector on Latex Mattress with hands adjusting

Step #4: Add supportive bedding

Don’t forget to surround yourself with wool by adding our All Seasons Wool Comforter. Unlike down, our high quality wool won’t make you overheat or itch, and it’s cruelty-free. Bask under the pleasant weight of our popular comforter.

Also, add a variety of wool pillows to support and comfort your body in bed. We offer a selection of shapes and sizes to accommodate your unique needs and preferences.

Wool Pillows with Neck Rolls in Natural Light

Finally, cloak your luxurious bedroom set with organic cotton sheets. Breathable and delightful to the touch, organic cotton linens are the best choice for a healthy bedroom.

How To Design an All-Natural Luxury Bedroom With Wool 1

No one should have to compromise their values and desires in the most personal of rooms. Give your master bedroom an opportunity to sing with our luxury bedroom set!

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