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Shepherd’s Dream: Making a Difference Through a Common Love For Wool

The idea behind Shepherd’s Dream started long before the company was eventually created in 1997. Thirteen years earlier, Eliana Jantz, a forward-thinking woman with a passion and vision for better and healthier bedding, began looking for other alternatives to traditional chemical-filled mattresses.

Jantz, along with her daughter Sarah Sunshine, co-founded Shepherd’s Dream. In 2003, they moved Shepherd’s Dream to Montague, California, a place we’re still proud to call home today.

To hear Sarah tell the Shepherd’s Dream origin story, listen to her interview on Episode 84 of the podcast series Woolful: “Sarah Sunshine – A wool love story, natural parenting, wool bedding, and Shepherd’s Dream

Since 1997, Shepherd’s Dream has had many creative and skilled hands at wheel, helping weave our success story. In 2018, Robin and Hank Kearns, who are longtime friends of the original founders and lifelong believers in the benefits of natural wool bedding, took over.

The Kearns continue to keep Shepherd’s Dream a family-friendly business that produces high-quality natural wool bedding — starting with our Eco-wool. Our raw wool comes primarily from growers on Oregon’s coastline. All of the farms where we source wool raise their sheep in natural and ethical conditions in wide open fields.

The process of making wool mattresses and other bedding products is very hands-on and physically demanding. All of Shepherd’s Dream products are made primarily on the floor and require the work of experienced seamstresses.

Shepherd’s Dream continues to offer one of the highest quality wool products, from mattresses to blankets to pillows, using sustainable practices and green choices.

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