100% Natural Organic Wool and Latex Mattresses
Handmade in the USA


Sleep Your Natural Best With Eco-Friendly Bedding Made of Premium EcoWool or Organic Latex Mattresses

Did you know an average person spends roughly 7-9 hours per day (or over 2,500 hours per year) sleeping? Yes, you will spend up to ⅓ of your life on a bed. In many ways, your physical, mental and emotional health is tied to the quality sleep you get in bed — and your mattress is one of the most important factors for getting the good night’s rest you need.

But, here’s the catch: Most conventional spring and memory foam mattresses are laden with toxic chemicals that harm your health, quality of sleep, and the environment. These chemicals have been linked to cancer, infertility, developmental brain disorders, obesity, headaches, and respiratory ailments such as asthma.

Instead, why not choose a natural mattress made from pure materials that offers dreamy comfort and support? At Shepherd’s Dream, we offer a great selection of eco-friendly bedding solutions – from our Premium All Wool Mattresses to our Live & Dream Natural Latex Mattress.

Shepherd's Dream All Natural Wool Bedding

Pure Wool Bedding Reviews

“Incredibly well made…unparalleled comfort…worth every penny…you will wake up feeling refreshed every morning! I use it with a 3-inch latex mattress, topped by the incredible Snuggle Mate, and our organic mattress protector…and wool pillows of course! Best sleep system ever….this is the best investment in your health and well-being that you can make.”

Home and Gardening

“My mattress and bedding are nearly 2 years old now and it is wonderful. My mattress, Snuggle Mate, and latex slats offer a firm but very cuddly nights sleep. The wool bed is always the right temperature, and my arms and legs don’t go numb while I sleep. I love that I can take the bed layers apart to sun them and refresh them. Thank you, Shepherd’s Dream, for making my beautiful bed! Well worth the investment.”

Home and Gardening

“My husband and I absolutely LOVE this mattress. It is nice and firm but still soft enough to be very comfortable. The best investment ever! Worth every penny. We also like that you can roll it up, we have King size one so if you are moving it would be much easier to move it.”

Home and Gardening

Shepherd's Dream Natural Merino Wool Blanket

Why Buy Our Natural Bedding?

  • Made from 100% natural materials
  • No chemicals or flame-retardant toxins
  • Handmade in California, USA
  • Premium EcoWool batting
  • Natural relief of pressure points and back pain
  • Available in: Single, Single XL, Double, Queen & King

The 6 Best Reasons to Buy Natural Bedding

Conventional mattresses can be a major source of chemical exposure. Highly toxic flame-retardant chemicals like polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE), boric acid, antimony, decabromodiphenyl oxide and other harmful chemicals are commonly found in retail mattresses. Our natural bedding is fire resistant and toxin-free.

Clean & Pure
The weight of a conventional mattress doubles every 10 years. Why? Because mattress springs gradually collect dust mites, dead skin, feces particles, mold and mildew. Our easy-to-clean mattresses, on the other hand, contain a mixture of organic cotton, wool and latex which help naturally defend against mold, mildew and dust mites.

Reduces Allergens
Natural mattresses help improve sleep and health by preventing the collection and growth of harmful contaminants like dust mites, mold, mildew and other allergens. Wool is naturally mold and mildew resistant, quickly absorbing and releasing moisture and thus not allowing the damp conditions that molds thrive on.

All the materials found in our eco-friendly mattresses are biodegradable and chemical-free. Our sheep wool bedding is humanely and sustainably produced. As a green business, we strive to make the best environmental choice in all aspects of our business and make every effort to minimize our impact on the Earth.

All-Season Comfort
A mattress filled with natural latex foam or wool is the most ideal sleeping environment. Studies show that people who sleep with wool bedding have a lower heart rate, less sleep disturbance and increased duration of beneficial REM sleep. Our mattresses are made of breathable fibers, making them remarkably comfortable all-year-round for everyone, whether you be a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or simply looking to ease some back pain.

Durably Made in USA
Unlike most mattress manufacturers, we believe the current trend toward inexpensive “disposable” products that are short-lived and made in foreign countries is unsustainable. That’s why we only use the highest quality locally-sourced materials, and every product is handmade throughout the manufacturing process in our northern California workshop.

Made in the Usa

Handmade in the USA

At Shepherd’s Dream, our philosophy is different than most mattress manufacturers who use poor quality materials to boost profits. Since 1997, it has been our joy to deliver high-quality natural bedding and excellent customer service to a growing population of natural product lovers nationwide – all from our home in Montague, California.

Our all-natural organic mattresses are 100% chemical-free and American made. We only use the highest quality materials and believe in environmentally-responsible, sustainable production techniques, and industry practices.

For extra natural comfort and support, consider adding some of our other products to your natural latex or wool mattress: wool mattress toppers, mattress pads, wool comforters, wool pillows, organic cotton sheets, and Merino wool blankets.

Find Out What It Feels Like to Sleep Your Natural Best

Purchasing a new handmade mattress online is a big decision. Typically, you want to try it out before buying. At Shepherd’s Dream, you can do just that by ordering our Wool Bed Sample Bedding Kit to compare the feel to other beds that you have experienced or tried out in stores.

We charge a nominal fee of $50 to $60 to cover shipping costs to and from your home. If you decide to purchase wool bedding items totaling more than $500, we will subtract this amount from the merchandise total of your order.

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