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Sleep Green, Sleep Clean

Sleep Green, Sleep Clean

Earth Day Sale Continues Through May 1

Sleep Green, Sleep Clean 1

Our Earth Day Sale is in full swing! Your best sleep experience awaits you, be sure not to miss out: 

    These categories feature our soft, comfortable, and über sustainable best selling items, as well as special appearances by a few that are rarely on sale. Let’s take a closer look!

    Sleep Green, Sleep Clean 2

    The Soft Stuff—15% Off

    Imagine nestling into a fluffy wool pillow at the end of your day, pulling your cozy wool comforter up and tucking it under your chin as you ease into dreamland. This vision can be your reality! All wool pillows and comforters are handcrafted by our skilled artisans with the purest of wool and organic cotton for your healthiest, coziest, dreamiest night of sleep.

    We know that choosing a pillow can be difficult, and everyone’s needs are different. If you need some assistance choosing from all the options, be sure to check out our Finding Your Perfect Pillow guide. If you’ve got your eye on the Oxygen latex pillow, we’ve got a guide for that too. No matter your sleeping position or physical needs, we’ve got a pillow for that! 

    Standard pillows, like our EcoWool Sleep Pillow and Ashland Organic Wool Pillow, come in different sizes and fill densities to provide the perfect fit for both you and your bed size. Maybe you’re looking for the magical all-wool unicorn of a pillow—look no further than our All Wool Dream Pillow. If you tend to shift overnight from your back to your side and back again, give our Contour Sleep Pillow a try. Beyond that, we’ve got all sorts of specialty pillows for extra support and comfort.

    Once you’ve got your pillow figured out, it’s time to think about comforters. Wool sounds warm—and it is!—but it also thermoregulates and allows for breathability, preventing overheating and moisture build-up for you sweaty sleepers. Ours come in multiple weights and purposes:

    And perhaps your new wool comforter needs a soft, satiny smooth organic cotton duvet? We’ve got you covered.

    Sleep Green, Sleep Clean 3

    The Foundational Things—10% Off

    Folks, this is exciting. It’s not everyday that our signature All Wool Mattress goes on sale, so if you’ve been waiting to purchase, now’s the time! 

    There’s simply no better sleep surface—for your health or the health of our planet. Filled with lofty all-natural EcoWool® that requires zero chemicals or treatments, just a simple cleansing with biodegradable soap and a run through an antique carding machine that’s been in service since 1917. It’s the healthiest sleep surface possible, done the old-fashioned way, and yet so modern in its deeply sustainable and eco-friendly materials.  

    (But if our Cascade latex mattress is more your jam, that’s on sale too.) 

    Once you’ve got your mattress, you want to make sure you put it on an equally nontoxic bed frame. Our wool mattresses need airflow, so we recommend a wooden slatted platform with space for the mattress to breathe—no box spring. Many manufacturers use composite wood, synthetic dyes and finishes, and toxic adhesives. (You can read more on this in our blog about indoor air quality.)

    That’s why we love our solid wood bedframes and nightstands from our neighbor near Mt. Shasta, Puritas Furniture Company, with their all-natural, zero-VOC finish made with a combination of beeswax, linseed oil, and pine resin. They’re handmade, and the design is simple and clean, perfect for many bedroom styles. And during our Earth Day Sale, they’re 10% off! 

    But Wait…There’s More!

    Our wool mattresses really work best as a package deal with our wool toppers. Why? The wool mattress provides the support, and the topper provides the nest-like softness. 

    And now during the sale, when you buy a mattress plus a topper, you’ll unlock $100 off the combo! With that 10% off the mattress, this adds up to quite the savings. 

    The wool topper is ideal on the Cascade Latex Mattress as well. While there’s a layer of wool wrapped around the latex core, adding a wool topper allows you to fully receive all the sleep enhancing, ache-and-pain-relieving, sweet dreaming benefits of wool.

    From the Earth, For the Earth

    In addition to scoring the best bedroom swag on the planet, 2% of each purchase you make during our Earth Day Sale (now until May 1) will go to our Grassroots Giving partner. This Earth Day, we’ve chosen Lomakatsi, a local organization dedicated to watershed and forestry restoration in our home region. This is particularly important in the wake of the 2020 Almeda Fire that burned through the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon, where our showroom resides. The area is still recovering, and we’re grateful to Lomakatsi for their service. 

    And we’re grateful to you for shopping sustainably, enhancing your health, and helping us make the donation a healthy and robust one! 


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