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From the Earth, For the Earth

From the Earth, For the Earth 

From the Earth, For the Earth 1

Shop the Earth Day 2023 Sale—Site-wide Discounts! Plus, 2% of the proceeds will go to the Lomakatsi Restoration Project! 

What began as a simple idea in the mind of a US Senator for environmental action in 1970, Earth Day has now become one of the world’s largest secular observances in the world. 

So we celebrate it with an annual sale—they don’t come around like this very often! From Friday April 21 – Monday May 1, our handmade, heirloom-quality wool mattresses are on sale. What?! That’s right, along with so many other Shepherd’s Dream favorites:

From the Earth, For the Earth

There’s a beautiful truth about our products—they are made from the Earth, and can be safely returned to the Earth. 

It begins in our intent—to create the healthiest, highest quality, most sustainable bedding possible. To do this, we find pure, all-natural EcoWool®, soft organic cotton, and sustainably-sourced latex for our products. Each of these materials are thoughtfully and ethically raised, grown, and produced. 

What about the harmful chemicals, dyes, VOCs, and flame retardants found in standard mattresses and bed products? We simply don’t need them to create safe, healthy, and luxuriously comfortable bedding. Mother Nature truly is the best designer and inspiration.

Why is this important? Considering we spend a third of our lives in our bedrooms, it’s a very important space. Those with chemical sensitivities and allergies especially stand to benefit from going all-natural, as well as babies and children whose growing bodies need the best start possible. When we align with Mother Nature, a funny thing happens…we feel healthier, we’re able to relax better, and our overall wellness improves. And who doesn’t need more of that?

From the Earth, For the Earth 2

Shepherd’s Dream of Sustainability

In addition to improving your health and sleep quality, because they’re made with earth-based materials conscientiously by hand, your Shepherd’s Dream purchase also:

  • Helps keep materials out of landfills. Our products are built to last for decades with materials that are almost entirely biodegradable and compostable. We don’t use plastics in our production, and we do our best to reuse materials toward a zero waste goal. We participate in recycling our customers’ old mattresses.
  • Supports people doing good work. With our choice of materials, we support farmers and ranchers doing it right every step of the way. We employ skilled laborers who build our products for us by hand. 
  • Contributes to a circular economy. We participate in a way of life that begins with the Earth with every intention of returning to the Earth, and back again in natural cycles. This is the true meaning of “sustainable” and “regenerative.” 

Discover more about Shepherd’s Dream’s sustainability efforts:

    From the Earth, For the Earth 3

      Direct From Mother Nature to You

      We hope you’re inspired this Earth Day to participate in whatever way feels best to you—planting a tree, donating to a local environmental organization, making a plastic-free pledge, digging in the garden. And if now’s the time, be sure to check out our Earth Day Sale to bring home the pure goodness of wool and organic cotton:


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