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Contour Sleep Pillow



With the comfort of a wool sleep pillow plus the support of a neck pillow, our Contour Sleep Pillow offers the best of both worlds all in one. Filled with EcoWool® batting and encased in organic cotton sateen, this unique pillow will keep your neck pain free while you rest your head on a soft wooly cloud.

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Protect your neck and sleep in comfort with our Contour Sleep Pillows. With a neck pillow built-in, this pillow allows you to get all the support of a neck pillow and the comfort of a sleep pillow in one convenient pillow. Our wool-filled Contour Sleep Pillows are tufted to create the supportive shape your neck needs.

This pillow is available in three different weights, 27 oz. with approximately 5″ neck support, 30 oz. with 6″ neck support, and 35 oz. with 7″ neck support.

The Contour Sleep Pillow will compress between 25% and 35% in the first 6 months of regular use.

Support Your Neck with our Contour Sleep Pillow

  • Provides neck support in a sleep pillow.
  • Available in two different weights and neck support sizes.
  • Filled with EcoWool® and encased in organic cotton sateen.
  • The standard size will fit any standard pillowcase.
Size Width x Length (inches) Wool Fill Weight (Ounces)
27 oz Pillow 25 x 20 27
30 oz Pillow 25 x 20 30
35 oz Pillow 25 x 20 35

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nice pillow, not for me though

Well made, but if I'd been able to try it/see it before buying it, I wouldn't have. I was surprised how hard it is. Also, my neck is no better after a couple of weeks. In fact, I wake up and find I've moved it away and slept without it because it's uncomfortable.

No more neck pain

I have arthritis in my neck and find the recommended foam cervical pillows smelly, rigid, and uncomfortable. This wool and cotton pillow is moldable, soft, supportive, scent-free, and so very comfortable. I appreciate that it is made from natural materials, which helps with allergies and skin sensitivities. Most important, with the contour pillow, I sleep soundly (switching from side to back to side during the night) and wake up with my neck feeling relatively loose and always pain-free. Highly recommend. As for sizing: I am 5'4", fairly petite, and the 30" contour works well for me. I love this pillow.

Best pillow ever!

This pillow is a dream to sleep on. It’s the perfect level of support and perfectly shaped. By far the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever used. It is worth every penny, and I love knowing it was made by hand. Thank you for making such a quality product.


I absolutely LOVE this pillow. I was suffering from neck and shoulder aches for years and just thought it was because I sleep with my head cradled on my arm bent in a weird position. Well after years of buying useless pillows that would often get lumpy or thrown on the floor because I felt unsupported, this pillow has literally saved me! I feel totally supported and found out that I don't actually naturally sleep with my arm bent and twisted behind my head! (shocker I know!) The first two nights took some time getting used to sleeping in a healthy position, but now I sleep perfectly with this pillow. I sleep through the night and wake up without any aches! I can't ever imagine buying or sleeping with any other pillow!


This pillow does not work well for me. I even brought it to my chiropractor for evaluation. It is OK when I am on my back but it is not high enough when I sleep on my side to provide the neck support I seem to require. I don't like to sleep on my back due to sleep apnea issues. Very disappointed. I am probably going to have to purchase a wool pillow to go under it or purchase the wool neck roll. Not sure what to do at this point.
Other than that, I have had no sensitivity issues with the pillow and don't wake up with a sweaty head like some people I know.

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