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3 Ways to Refresh Your Living Space—For Free!

3 Ways to Refresh Your Living Space—For Free!

“New” doesn’t have to mean spending money

As we head toward the Fall Equinox and summer continues its slow transition, we often begin to rethink our living space. Totally natural, as we’re about to spend a lot more time indoors! The seasonal shift is obvious for those of us in the more northern parts of the country, but even in places with more consistent climates, like Florida or Arizona, the days shorten and overnight temperatures drop, cueing our bodies to slow down and our focus to be a little more internal. 

We recently wrote about trends for Fall 2023 and how many of them align with our mission of producing truly sustainable, healthy, and beautiful bedding and home products. One of those trends we’re seeing is to, rather than buying something new, tap into the abundance we already have all around us. Most of us have more of everything than we truly need, but after our stuff loses its shiny newness, it tends to fade into the background.

Consider giving your space a fresh eye. Finding new ways to use, reuse, upcycle, reclaim, and revive your current possessions can go a long way toward reinvigorating your home, not to mention helping ease the burden on our planet. And all without spending a dime! Let’s get inspired. 


Most of us have homes full of items we’ve collected over the years—books, art, objects, mementos, plants, and textiles. Rather than trying to match everything to a theme, allow your home to express who you really are by highlighting these collected treasures. Don’t be afraid to try something new! If you’re someone who leans toward order and minimalism, try adding a bit of softness, chaos, or asymmetry. And if you’re someone who lives in clutter and maximalism, give organization and tidy lines a try. 

3 Ways to Refresh Your Living Space—For Free! 1
  • Bookshelves, curios, and glass cabinets. Pull everything out, give it a good dusting, and put it all back spotlighting different items this time. Show off your collections by organizing objects or books in groupings by color, subject, or size. 
  • Wall decor. Take the art off the walls and mix it up! Maybe certain items have been relegated to the back bedroom for a while. Bring them out for a chance to shine, and you might discover it feels brand new again. Adding a mirror to a dark hall or corner can really help bring in some light. Consider hanging items that might not be immediately obvious, like blankets and other textiles, small shelves, and art pieces. 
  • Utilitarian storage. Channel your inner organizer and find new ways to store and display everyday items. Glass jars are great for bathroom items like cotton balls, cotton swabs, and makeup brushes (or our very own Reusable Face Wipes!). If you have extra baskets, boxes, or containers around, put them to work decluttering your space and providing some texture.
  • The soft stuff. Take stock of all the pillows, throws, rugs, drapes and blankets in the house. Switch up the color schemes and move items around—maybe that throw pillow in the spare bedroom is just the thing to make the sofa look interesting again. 


Autumn means the holidays are around the corner, with lots of opportunities for indoor entertaining. Welcome the gatherings of the season into your home by rearranging the furniture and accessories already there. 

3 Ways to Refresh Your Living Space—For Free! 2
  • Create conversation areas. Make space for those meaningful chats with intimate groupings of chairs and tables. Especially easy to do if you’ve got a fireplace as a focal point. Is the family into board games, cards, or puzzles? Have a table in the corner at the ready for those Settlers of Catan nights and Uno battles. 
  • Everyone loves a nook. Find cozy corners and window views to cuddle up in. Be sure to have somewhere to put books and hot drinks. 
  • Light it up. Bring lamps and candles into the space for ambiance and soft, warm light, rather than harsh overhead lighting. This can be especially beneficial in the hours before bedtime, cuing your brain to power down for sleep. Task lighting in comfy places is key for the book readers. 


Nature really is the best interior designer, so be sure to invite her in. 

3 Ways to Refresh Your Living Space—For Free! 3
  • Found objects. Extra credit if you find it yourself: crystals, beach glass, river stones, pinecones, feathers, antlers. 
  • Dried botanicals. Certain plants have striking profiles and dry really well. Grasses, seed pods, flowers, and branches look great in those decorative vases, jars, and containers—no watering required!
  • Seasonal decor. In all honesty, decking the halls for the season can be a wasteful plastic extravaganza. Let Mother Nature do the decorating! From fallen leaves to acorns to evergreen branches (that smell!), bringing the season inside will help you feel connected. Plus, it will compost gracefully when you’re ready for Spring. 

Revamp (Without Breaking the Bank)

Before you rush out to spend money on all new items for your home, consider working with what you’ve got. You might be surprised at how your older home items can be given new life, and how your living space can be refreshed with a new perspective on familiar things. If you’re having trouble reimagining, perhaps a friend can help and provide that outsider perspective to enliven your home. With longer nights ahead, it’s time well spent, but money saved.  

If you’re in the throes of a Fall refresh and are looking for ways to incorporate more cozy into your life, check out our recent blog post about creating your cold weather sanctuary. There’s more where that came from on Instagram and Pinterest, so give us a follow. May your Fall season be filled with sweet dreams!

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