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Unlocking the Power of Dream Points: Your Guide to Our Points Program

Unlocking the Power of Dream Points: Your Guide to Our Points Program

Did you know that Shepherd’s Dream has a points program? It’s a great way to maximize your purchases with us, whether you’re outfitting every bedroom in your home all at once or upgrading your bedroom one piece at a time. And it costs absolutely nothing to join! 

What’s the Scoop?

A bedroom filled with Shepherd’s Dream bedding is enough of a reward, but those products can help rack up points for you to apply toward future purchases. Each purchase of fluffy pillows, cozy comforters, soft toppers, and supportive mattresses earns you points equivalent to 5% of your order. Joining our points program makes the most of every dollar you spend—there’s kind of no reason not to!

Unlocking the Power of Dream Points: Your Guide to Our Points Program 1

I Have Questions.

We have answers!

Any restrictions? Every item we sell on our website is eligible, except for gift cards (though purchases with gift cards DO earn Dream Points). Items discounted for any reason, like a sale, discount code, or a purchase toward which you’re using Dream Points do not accrue Dream Points. Shipping and tax are not included in the Dream Points tally, just the total of eligible purchases. 

How do I access information about my Dream Points balance? Just sign into your account on our website, and all the information is there. Be sure to sign in before any future purchases, and we’ll even remind you of your balance at checkout. 

How do I use my Dream Points for an order? Be sure to sign into your account, and then you’ll be prompted to apply them at checkout.

Do Dream Points expire? They do. From the time of purchase, you’ve got two years to redeem your points. If you haven’t signed up yet, the good news is that any purchase you’ve made in the past 30 days can be deposited in your Dream Points bank. 

Sounds Good! How Do I Sign Up?

It’s super simple. 

Go here to register. All you need is an email and a password—good to go!

Okay, I’m In. How Do I Begin Accruing Dream Points?

  1. Shop for anything on
  2. As soon as your order ships, you’ll earn Dream Points equivalent to 5% of your purchase.
  3. The next time you shop with us, be sure to log in and apply your Dream Points at checkout. It’s like a magic discount code just for you!
  4. To avoid the expiration deadline, cash in your Dream Points within two years from the time of purchase.

That’s it!

Unlocking the Power of Dream Points: Your Guide to Our Points Program 2

Living the Dream

We here at Shepherd’s Dream love making the best bedding that money can buy that respects the health of the people who live with it and the planet we live on. 

With over 25 years of business, we have so many long-term loyal customers who love our bedding as much as we do, and we’re thrilled to have a program that honors their devotion to our products. Dream Points are also such a bonus for our new fans to collect points as they begin their journey with us. With the holidays around the corner, they’re also a great way to reward yourself while purchasing gifts for everyone on your list. We hope you’ll take advantage today!

Thanks for joining us! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for more ways to get the magic of wool into your life. Until next time, sweet dreams!

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