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The Cozy Guide: Creating Your Cold Weather Sanctuary

The Cozy Guide: Creating Your Cold Weather Sanctuary

We don’t know how the weather’s feeling where you are, but here at Shepherd’s Dream headquarters around the 42nd parallel, the days are growing shorter, the mornings have a chilly edge to them, and the leaves are beginning to fade out from the height of their summer green. You know what that means—it’s cozy time!

While wool is also a summer season rockstar, it’s an obvious choice for cooler temperatures. For millennia all over the world, wool has been the go-to fabric for warmth and insulation, and it does so with perfect breathability and moisture wicking performance. Our wool bedding items are made with USA-sourced EcoWool®, so you can rest assured that the wool comes from sheep who are ethically raised and humanely cared for, and the resulting products are chemical free, nontoxic, and hypoallergenic. We’re still not entirely sure how wool manages to do it all so well (we’re pretty sure it’s magic), but we’re just grateful. 

Pair that magical wool with some organic cotton, and you’ve got a bedroom dreams are made of. Here’s a spotlight on some of our best and most popular Fall and Winter items. 

The Cozy Guide: Creating Your Cold Weather Sanctuary 1

Organic Cotton Sheets and Duvets

For unparalleled next-to-skin softness, it’s tough to do better than Coyuchi’s organic cotton flannels, brushed super soft for ultimate warmth and comfort.

Coyuchi Cloud Brushed™ Organic Flannel Sheets. These sheets will give you the perfectly toasty cocoon you’ve always wanted. 

Coyuchi Cloud Brushed™ Organic Flannel Duvet Cover. For an extra dose of that flannel goodness, wrap your comforter in this brushed organic cotton cover. 

The Cozy Guide: Creating Your Cold Weather Sanctuary 2

All-Natural Wool Comforters 

Need something to stuff into that Flannel Duvet Cover? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got multiple options for your optimal sleep temperature. 

All Season Wool Comforter. This is our most versatile comforter, capable of just the right amount of insulation in almost any climate and season. 

Ashland Organic Comforter. Looking for all-season, certified organic softness? This is the one. 

Winter Weight Comforter. For those uber cold winter nights in the north, or for anyone who can’t get enough warmth, here’s our heaviest weight comforter. 

The Cozy Guide: Creating Your Cold Weather Sanctuary 3

Versatile Wool Blankets 

Merino Wool Blanket. Our luxe, undyed washable Merino blanket is so comfortable, you  may want more than one! Sized for baby, lap, throw, and beds. 

Shasta Blanket. Soft and classically on-trend, these blankets look and feel great everywhere, from the couch to the bedroom. 

For You and Yours

When it comes to premium wool apparel, Icebreaker has the goods. With a comfortable fit and feel, these wool base layers will keep you well insulated during the day and serve as comfy pajamas at night. Moisture wicking, breathable, and naturally odor resistant. Bonus points for being flame resistant around campfires, bonfires, and wood stoves.

Kids’ Icebreaker Merino Base Layers. 

Men’s Icebreaker Merino Base Layers.

Women’s Icebreaker Merino Base Layers.

Greeting the Season

We’re still riding out the last of the summer vibes around here, but our thoughts are beginning to turn to the cooler days ahead. As much fun as it is to be on the go all day and soaking up all the goodness of the great outdoors, we also look forward to a little bit of downtime and restoration during the quieter colder months. We hope you’ve found something here to cozy up your space!
Thanks so much for reading, and give us a follow on Instagram and Pinterest for more seasonal inspiration and healthy lifestyle tips. And until next time, sweet dreams!

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