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Reusable Face Wipes



Even traditional organic cotton balls and rounds go into landfills. Reuse these little beauties over and over again!

Earn up to 360 Dream Points.

Super soft and absorbent, these durable 2-ply undyed cotton pads replace disposable makeup wipes and cotton balls. Use them for your skincare rituals, applying liquid cleansers and first aid ointments, or wet with water for gentle exfoliation. Just collect them in a cotton mesh garment bag when used, wash them together on a cold cycle, air dry or low heat in the dryer et voilà—good as new!

When they have reached their end, toss them in your garden compost! Part of our Zero Waste Ewe-nitiative, these are made from upcycled production scraps to help keep textile waste out of landfills.