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Falling for Sustainable Home Decor Trends

Falling for Sustainable Home Decor Trends

The Shepherd’s Dream Fall ‘23 Report

Here we are at the threshold of Fall 2023, and the energy in the marketplace is a bit…chaotic. On the one hand, we’ve been emerging from the haze of the global pandemic and refocusing on home and our wellbeing, and on the other, the economy is wonky and news is dire about our planet’s ecological health. What’s a bedding company to do?

Falling for Sustainable Home Decor Trends 1

As it turns out, we keep doing what we’ve been doing. Our materials and production process are as thoughtful as ever, and it’s heartening to see the rest of the world catch up. A review of Fall 2023 home and lifestyle trends shows that sustainability is very much on the mind of the average consumer: circular economy mindset, zero or minimal waste, plastic free, consuming less, greater transparency, and lower impact. More themes we’re seeing:

  • Working with what we’ve got. Finding ways to remix and refresh our current abundance, and repairing and caring for what we already have. 
  • Investing in perennial pieces. Instead of being dazzled by fast fashion, artificial buzz, or seasonal excess, it’s wise to purchase items that have staying power, look great anytime, and don’t contribute to wasteful cycles of consumerism. 
  • Inspired by Nature. The pandemic helped us reappreciate the great outdoors and recognize an imbalance in our modern lives.
  • Slower living. Reprioritizing ourselves and those we care about. Purchasing decisions are driven by meaning and purpose. 

So given this atmosphere, how does all of this translate to what we buy and invite into our home? Let’s find out.

Bringing Fall ‘23 Home

The textile industry is global, massive, and because it’s connected to agriculture, manufacturing, and consumer goods that eventually become waste, it is also one of the biggest polluters in the world. We recognize this at Shepherd’s Dream, and our response has always been to use responsibly-sourced materials to create and sell versatile, timeless pieces that look good and feel good, no matter the season. This is at the heart of our company’s values—we don’t call it heirloom quality for nothing!

And…every now and again, a refresh is just the ticket. Given that customers are being more considerate with their purchases for all sorts of reasons, here are some concepts to explore when shopping for new home goods this season.

Falling for Sustainable Home Decor Trends 2
  • The Color Palette. Pumpkin spice, anyone? Autumn definitely has its signature earthy colors, from mustard to scarlet, from evergreen to brown. Rather than chase seasonal changes and trends, there’s a lot of smart advice to invest in nature-based neutrals that maintain their relevance. This doesn’t have to mean boring beiges and grim grays—think rich tones of red clay, pinkish terracotta, burnt sienna, moss and caramel. Bonus points for shopping for nontoxic natural dyes and paints. One of the many reasons we love Coyuchi’s sheets is their versatility from season to season, their earth hues always seem to coordinate beautifully. 
  • Invite Nature Inside. It’s not just for the color scheme. Think materials, textures, and inspiration. This is where wool is a perfectly natural fit—for fill material (think pillows and comforters) and next-to-skin comfort (think blankets and throws). Other materials like jute, silk, cotton, leather, and linen soften our interior spaces. For decor, look to stones, wood, crystals, antlers, leaves, dried botanicals, and shells.
  • Get Crafty. Whether it’s your own handiwork or the craft of another artist, handmade is in. We can really appreciate that one around here, because that’s how we do things! Fiber arts in particular can really add a lovely soft touch: quilts, macramé, embroidery, knitting, cross-stitch, crochet. Lots of clever folks have been updating traditional handicrafts for modern sensibilities, from high art to cheeky decor, and an investment in their work really goes a long way toward supporting an artist. Check out one of our fave artists, Wooliza, aka Liza Hamilton, and her felted creations. 
  • Geometric Magic. The popularity of geometric patterns shows no signs of slowing. After all, geometry is the oldest science and was used by the Egyptians as far back as 3000 BC. They blend wonderfully with anything, including patterns as far-ranging as florals, stripes, and plaids. We love Coyuchi’s Noe Organic Duvet and Shams, featuring earth-toned designs inspired by traditional wool looms. 
Falling for Sustainable Home Decor Trends 3

Feeling the Season

There’s something so natural about taking our cues from the natural world. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this transitional time of warm afternoons but slightly chilly mornings means our thoughts are beginning to turn toward coziness and more time indoors. It’s good to take a fresh eye toward our living spaces from time to time and bring new energy to them—it’s not just for Spring cleaning. 

We hope you feel inspired to greet the coming seasonal shift! Let us know how we can help. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for more healthy living and decorating tips. Sweet dreams!

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