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Healthy Sleep Series: Caffeine

Healthy Sleep Series: Caffeine

Caffeine is ubiquitous and even celebrated in our culture—from the usual coffee and tea, to soda and energy drinks like Red Bull—but it does not come without its side effects. In addition to causing uncomfortable jitters, it may also be the reason many people have a hard time getting great sleep.

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Our rivers are flowing strong, lakes are filling up, fields are a brilliant green, lambs are being born and the sun and rain are reflecting rainbows over the Shasta valley…it’s so beautiful!  The best thing about winter is that it makes the spring so fresh and exciting as new life blossoms once again.

We recently made a trip out to a local sheep farm in the Shasta Valley to see the baby lambs and their mama’s.  Spring is lambing season throughout the Pacific Northwest and is wonderful to see all the ewe’s and their darling little lambs hopping around in the green fields. Thank “Ewe” for sharing your wool with us!

In celebration of this most magical time of the year and Earth day around the corner, we are offering

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