Sweetest Dreams with the Benefits of our Body Pillow

Our 50-inch full-length Body Pillow is designed to bolster the body of the side sleeper and encourages the best alignment for one’s back and limbs. This pillow offers comfort and optimum support for all of our precious being. A Body Pillow distributes the weight of...

Wool filled comforters

People Love Our Wool-filled Comforters! They are definitely one of our most popular and universal products. We offer a summer weight, all seasons and winter weight comforter…so that there is an option for everybody! Filled purely with our premium EcoWool and encased...

Snuggle Mate Wool Filled Topper

 Improve your sleep with Our Organic Wool Filled Topper! One of our most popular products and the perfect addition to any bed is our 3″ Snuggle Mate Wool Filled Topper. Filled purely with our Premium temperature regulating EcoWool batting and encased in a soft,...

Allergies Getting You Down?

Replacing your synthetic and down bedding with wool bedding will help you with your allergies. Wool Is Hypo-allergenicDust mites and bed bugs don’t like wool as they prefer hot, humid climates that are more common with synthetics and down. Dust mites are the...


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Shepherds Dream Mattress Recycling Initiatives


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Shepherds Dream Real Natural Mattress