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Washable Wool Puddle Pads

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Our Washable Wool Puddle Pad is made with a soft, melton wool fabric. Wool is naturally absorbent and breathable, making it ideal for your baby’s bed. When used with our Crib Mattress Protector, your baby’s mattress surface will be well protected from any mess.

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Our Washable Wool Puddle Pads are made with a simple serge stitch around the edges, allowing it to be machine washed and dried on delicate when needed without any fraying. Wool is naturally absorbent, making it the ideal protective layer. Raise your baby with the healing qualities of pure wool.

Our wool Puddle Pads measure 20″ X 30″.

Wool is the Ideal Protective Layer

  • Wool is highly absorbent
  • Wool is completely breathable and comfortable
  • Wool naturally regulates body temperature
  • Our wool Puddle Pads are machine washable and dryable
  • Our soft melton wool textile is surprisingly soft to the touch
  • Our wool is free of harsh chemicals and fire retardants

Babies and toddlers sure do spend a lot of time sleeping! That’s why our all natural baby bedding is the perfect solution for your little one. Baby crib bedding made out of natural and organic materials is one of the greatest gifts you could offer to your growing baby. Wool filled baby bedding is comfortable, breathable and will help your baby to sleep deeper through the night. Our Melton Wool Mattress Protectors, Wool Puddle Pads and Wool Crib Comforters will nurture your baby night and day. Add a protective Puddle Pad to your baby’s bed today!

Customer Reviews

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Leslie S.
Puddle Pads

Wow! I am awe-struck with this product, and other products I have received from your company. I'm all about reusable and sustainable products for my grandchildren, and especially those being made in the USA. Thank you for the outstanding quality and softness of the Puddle Pads. I believe I'll be ordering more! And, passing on Shepard's Dream to others. Also, your customer service is the best.

joyce h.

I bought these wool puddle pads for my kitties to sleep on. Eli and Huxley love the soft warm wool. It goes folded right into their little cat beds.oh, just thought the wool was DIRTY compared to pads previously bought

B. B.

The wool puddle pads I received had a lot of grass and other material mixed into the wool, which created areas that were uncomfortable and sharp to the touch.
I reached out to customer service to ask if this was normal, and they said it was natural to have some of this mixed in the wool. I increased my review because they did offer to send one with less of this material in it.
Overall, kind of disappointed because the product pictures don't show this nor does the description talk about this as something to expect.

Absolutely love!

I cut my puddle pad in half and have two pads now that we use all the time. Wonderful, soft, and wicks away water. Highly recommend.

C C.

Washable Wool Puddle Pads