Heartfelt Wool Yoga Felt


Support your restorative yoga practice with our Yoga Felts. Made with 100% wool, these yoga pads are available in undyed light wool and undyed dark wool. Both blends are ecologically produced.

Pair this Yoga Felt with your yoga mat to support your knees, pelvis, and wrists during your practice.

Please allow a month lead time for the dark felts.

Earn up to 1,250 Dream Points.

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Experience the benefits of wool with our Heartfelt Wool Yoga Felt. Made with ecologically produced wool, our light felt is made with "World Class" wool from New Zealand and our dark felt is made with local "EcoWool".

Please note that each Heartfelt Wool Yoga Felt is a piece of art and may vary within a few inches from the advertised size. Also, the marbled color of our dark wool changes are according to the seasonal wool harvest and we are unable to guarantee an exact shade.

Wool Felts are Versatile

  • Lightweight and compact Travel Pad.
  • Stretching pad.
  • Floor rugs or mats.
  • Baby bed pads.

Each felt is created by pouring hot soapy water on batting and then stomping on the wool. This process causes the fluffy wool batting to shrink into a dense solid pad. We complete the process by washing the felt in a washing machine. The result, is a beautiful, thick,  hand washable wool pad that can be used in so many ways!

Wool Felting – An Ancient Tradition

In Mongolia, wool is felted and used as the walls for their yurts, hammocks and clothing. Today, wool is felted into slippers, purses, hats, jackets, shoes, dolls and more. We sell our wool batting if you would like to explore with felting wool.


  • Light Felt
  • Dark Felt

Width x Length (in inches)

  • 26 x 72 x .5 x 2lbs
  • 26 x 65 x .5 x 2lbs

Customer Reviews

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christine m.
Great company

Really soft and works great when I want a little extra cushion.

J. C.
Magical yoga mat!

I love my wool felt yoga mat so much. There is something purely magical about practicing yoga and meditation on this surface. It provides the perfect amount of cushion and has such a supportive, nurturing feel. The quality is also excellent and the wool is pure and itch-free. If you’re considering purchasing one, don’t hesitate.


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