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Customizable Wooly Down Pillow



Have you ever wanted to adjust the fill in your pillow just how you’d like it? Meet our Customizable Wooly Down Pillow!

This pillow works for all types of sleeping positions, just customize the fill: lots for side sleeping, medium for back sleeping, and less for stomach sleeping. Filled with pure and natural EcoWool® zipped into an organic cotton sateen encasement, it’s also fully washable.

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Enjoy the flexibility of a washable wool pillow you can customize to fit your personal comfort needs. Our Customizable Wooly Down Pillow is available in Standard, Queen and King sizes and can be hand washed and air dried. All the raw materials are pure, natural, and of the highest quality. If you prefer more wool fill it can be ordered in 4 ounce, 8 ounce or 16 ounce quantities.

Revitalize with a Wool Pillow you can Customize

  • Comes with a zipper closure so that you can adjust the amount of wool fill inside to create the perfect pillow for you
  • Hand washable
  • Available in Standard, Queen and King
  • Filled with EcoWool® and encased in organic cotton sateen
  • Wool down fill available by the ounce
  • Made in the USA

Our local wooly down is grown in the Pacific Northwest following our strict standards for humane treatment of the sheep. Wooly down is specifically designed for making long lasting pillows and furniture. To make the cluster balls, we reverse card the wool (run the mill backwards) to make small felted balls that are perfectly designed for the use of blowing machines. If your pillow ever gets lumpy, just unzip and re-fluff!

Size Width x Length (inches) Wool Fill Weight
Standard 20 x 25 30 oz
Queen 20 x 30 36 oz
King 20 x 36 48 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
pure delight

Love settling into this soft, yet supportive pillow.

Katherine T.

Customizable Wooly Down Pillow

Husband loves it!

I gave this to my husband for his birthday because he needed a new pillow and I really appreciate my wooly down pillow. It took about a week for him to get used to it and adjust it a bit. He now says it is a “great pillow!"

LIsa i.O.

I've had this pillow for about six months now. I have tried various levels of stuffing. Less is not as bad as fully stuffed, but at any level it is incredibly lumpy and has not compressed enough to be comfortable. You can even see the lumpiness in the picture. Maybe if you sold carded wool stuffing it would be better. I like the idea of filling as much as you need, but it really should be processed more.

Princess a.t.p.

I love this pillow!
Tried all types, and spent bucks!!
I have removed and saved 1/3 the wool and it supports without packing down either back position or side. Stayed fluffed in your own customized shape.

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