Neck Pillow


Our Neck Roll Pillow is designed to protect your cervical spine during back and side sleeping. Filled with local EcoWool and encased in organic cotton sateen, this pillow is designed to be used in conjunction with our wool Sleep Pillows.

Organic cotton covers also available.


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Place our Neck Roll Pillow on the base of your Sleep Pillow to keep your neck in its natural alignment and to prevent neck pain. Small and compact, this is the ideal pillow to take with you in the car or on the airplane.

Maintain Healthy Alignment with our Supportive Neck Roll

  • Our Neck Roll is designed to keep your cervical (neck) spine in its natural alignment.
  • Made of the purest and most healing materials.
  • Sleep comfortably on your back or on your side with our Neck Roll.
  • Organic cotton sateen covers also available.
  • Small and versatile, take your Neck Roll with you when you travel.

Feel yourself relax with the neck pillow for sleeping, drift into a comfortable sleep with all-natural organic EcoWool. Finally find relief for chronic neck pain from sleeping uncomfortably and comfortably support your head and neck as you rest.


  • Neck Pillow with Cover
  • Neck Pillow without Cover
  • Neck Pillow Cover

Width x Length (in inches)

  • 6 x 15
  • 6 x 15
  • 7 x 18

Wool Fill Weight

  • 4.5 oz.
  • 4.5 oz.

Customer Reviews

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Neck Pillows

The first neck pillow I bought ten years ago. I have bought a dozen of them since and have given them to my family. I love these pillows. I use mine in my easy chair while watching television. It supports my neck and I don’t get a stiff neck anymore while watching television. Buy one and you will buy more. Don’t forget the neck pillow case also.

i use 3 while reclining and watching tv...

one for my neck and one for each arm set me up very comfortably. the tidy size of the pillows keeps them from getting in the way.


I bought my neck pillow years and years ago. I am a smallish person with a longish neck. It has been perfect for 15 years. I always bring it with me for overnight trips and sleep on it at home every night. Other neck pillows were too big, this one has positioned my neck/head comfortably both side and back sleeping. I'm hoping the specs haven't changed in the replacement pillow!


I find this pillow to be very versatile because of its size and shape. I use it to tuck in under my chest when sleeping on my stomach. Also great for neck support when dozing in a recliner. For the little ones, its shape makes it the perfect teddy bear--my 3 year old calls it her snuggle.


With 3 bulging cervical discs I found not only relief with my neck roll, but I also seem to hold my chiropractic adjustments better. It's great for travel too!


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