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Neck Pillow



Support your neck during back and side sleeping with our Neck Roll Pillow. Filled with all-natural EcoWool® and encased in organic cotton sateen, this pillow works best with our wool Sleep Pillows.

Available with or without an organic cotton pillow cover.

Earn up to 400 Dream Points.

Place our Neck Roll Pillow on the base of your Sleep Pillow to keep your neck in its natural alignment and to prevent neck pain. Small and compact, this is the ideal pillow to take with you in the car or on the plane.

Maintain Healthy Alignment with our Supportive Neck Roll

  • Our Neck Roll is designed to keep your cervical (neck) spine in its natural alignment.
  • Made of the purest and most healing materials.
  • Sleep comfortably on your back or on your side with our Neck Roll.
  • Organic cotton sateen covers also available.
  • Small and versatile, take your Neck Roll with you when you travel.

Feel yourself relax with the neck pillow for sleeping, drift into a comfortable sleep with all-natural EcoWool®. Finally find relief for chronic neck pain from sleeping uncomfortably and comfortably support your head and neck as you rest.

Size Width x Length (inches) Wool Fill Weight (Ounces)
Pillow with Cover 6 x 15 4.5
Pillow Without Cover 6 x 15 4.5
Pillow Cover 7 x 18 -

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Susan S.
Love this pillow!

I have been using this neck pillow with a talalay latex pillow for my head. This combination is perfect:).

Mary H.

I love the organic fibers. I also like the density. Wish there was a design with the rolled neck pillow followed by a seam and a half regular pillow …

Melinda D.
Perfect Neck Pillow

I love my new neck pillow from Shepherd’s Dream. The size is perfect and I alternate between using that and my full size wool pillow from Shepherd’s Dream. The quality and comfort of both pillows are outstanding!

J m.
So many uses

I have three of these, and will probably get a few more. They are the perfect size for everything. I use one under my lumbar area when i sleep on my back or sit in my recliner, under my waist when i sleep on my side, under my neck, prop a device up in my lap, behind my head when i want to read, and i like to cuddle with one too! They are firm and just the perfect size for eveything.

David N.
Neck Pillow Comes To The Rescue

Naturally drawn to wool, this pillow helps stabilize my sleeping position and feels cozy, warm and comforting