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Wool Bedding Compression 101

Wool Bedding Compressions

One of the most important considerations in caring for your all-natural wool bedding is compression. Being mindful of compression ensures that your wool-filled bedding withstands many years of use.

At Shepherd’s Dream, all of our bedding is made with wool batting which experiences compression within the first 6 months of regular use. The explanation for this lies in the construction of the fiber.

Premium Eco Wool Organic Batting


Batting Construction

Our batting is constructed by a carding mill that combs the raw wool into thin sheets with all of the fibers aligned in one direction. These sheets of wool present the ideal combination of resilience and loft necessary for us to create our wool-filled products.

Wool Compression

Compression naturally occurs when a new wool-filled product is exposed to pressure and weight. During this time the wool batting settles and releases any pockets of air. Once compressed, wool is incredibly resilient. With proper care your wool bedding should last many decades.

Other companies mechanically compress their wool, but here at Shepherd’s Dream we prefer to stick to the art and spirit of lovingly handcrafting our products.

Some of our wool-filled bedding is mostly pre-compressed by hand during construction (such as our wool mattresses), while others will experience most of the compression in your home (our wool-filled toppers and pillows).

How To Properly Compress Your Wool-Filled Bedding

To ensure an even compression, there are few things to be mindful of within the first 6 months of regular use:

  • Distribution: Sleep all over your new wool bedding. Taking naps on different spots of the bed is an excellent way to evenly distribute weight.
  • Rotation: Rotate your bedding from head to toe weekly.
  • Inversions: Flip your mattress whenever you change your sheets.

By following these guidelines you can ensure the longevity of your wool bedding and avoid inconveniences such as body impressions or uneven bedding.

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