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3 Reasons Your Kids Should Sleep with Wool

3 Reasons Your Kids Should Sleep with Wool

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As parents or guardians, large amounts of our daily bandwidth go toward making sure our littles are well taken care of. And given how much of our lives are spent in the bedroom (one third!), outfitting their sleeping space with bedding that is soft, comforting, and healthy is an important consideration. 

It’s not often our kids’ items are on sale—now’s a great time to buy during our I Love…Home Sale! These make great gifts for the young ones in your life or for any upcoming baby showers on your calendar. Three of our most popular items for babies and kids are discounted 15% off until February 21:

  • Child’s Sleep Pillow— A sweet cloud for little sleepyheads! Pure and natural EcoWool® batting in a perfect size and fill for children ages 2-8. 
  • Washable Crib Mattress Protector— Our washable layer of wool will help keep moisture away from both tender skin and your crib mattress.
  • Washable Wool Puddle Pad— A smaller version of our Mattress Protector, it can travel with you for baby diaper changes or double up on your crib mattress for extra protection. 

Here are three good reasons your kids’ wool bedding will help them count sheep peacefully every night.×-627-px-scaled.jpg

1. All-Natural, Nontoxic Goodness

Shepherd’s Dream never uses any chemical fire retardants, which are required by law for mattresses and bedding that are not naturally flame resistant. That’s why we love wool—not only is it inherently flame resistant without any additional treatments, but it’s a material that respects the Earth and our health. 

Flame retardant chemicals are correlated with childhood health concerns like asthma and allergies. Developing bodies are particularly vulnerable, so it’s especially important to give our children a healthy environment. In addition to our all-natural wool, our other fabrics and materials are also nontoxic and chemical free.

2. Moisture Management & Temperature Regulation

If you’ve got babies, you’ve got moisture management considerations! It’s quite astonishing how much fluid can come out of such cute and small things…

Wool is magical this way—it can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water. It draws that moisture to its core, keeping it away from baby’s delicate skin and from absorbing into mattresses and furniture. 

This also goes for kiddos who sleep like furnaces, soaking their beds every night in sweat—check out our blog post about sleeping hot for more on that. Wool is a wonderfully breathable fiber, allowing air flow so heat doesn’t build up and water vapor (i.e. sweat) doesn’t condense and pool. 

And…let’s be honest…when body moisture of any kind builds up over time, it doesn’t smell great. Good news—wool will keep your kids’ rooms fresher! It just doesn’t hang onto funky smells the way synthetic fabrics do. 

3. Better Overall Sleep

Some kids sleep like a rock while others have a tough time, whether it’s bed wetting, recurring nightmares, or waking up in the middle of the night. 

Research has shown that wool helps people sleep better, and there are many potential reasons for this. When we eliminate allergies and chemical sensitivities, regulate our body temperature, and manage moisture effectively, we sleep deeper with less tossing and turning or sleep interruptions. And for growing bodies and brains, a good night’s sleep is so beneficial, helping with everything from mood to focus and concentration.

Wool is for Everybody

Kids love comfy, cozy, nest-like spaces, and wool is the perfect fiber for their nightly trip to dreamland. Our bedding is durable and practical, while also providing a safe and harmonious atmosphere. With all the things parents have on their plates these days, Shepherd’s Dream bedding can help take some concerns off the list, helping everyone in the house rest easier. Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for more on the benefits of wool and the wool lifestyle!

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