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Wool Surround Bundle


Surround yourself in the comfort of wool with our special wool surround package.  You choose the type of wool topper, wool filled comforter and sleep pillow so that your wool surround is customized specifically for you!  Save 15% on your wool surround package and a free neck pillow!


Your choice of 2" or 3" topper.


Choose the perfect weight of comforter for you.


Select the pillow size and wool fill weight.

2nd Pillow

Neck Pillow



This package is the best way to transform your current bed into a natural, pure, and breathable sleep haven.  With wool beneath you, resting on you, and cradling your head, you receive all the benefits of wool for a more rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Choose between our 2″ and 3″ topper, our All Seasons, Summer Weight, and Winter Weight comforter, and your preferred sleep pillow. Order the Wool Surround package to save 15% and receive 2 free Neck Rolls.

Surround Yourself with the Nurturing Qualities of Wool

  • Unlike all other natural fibers, wool is uniquely thermo-regulating and will help balance your body temperature while you sleep.
  • Wool helps to create a buffer from any harmful chemicals or off-gassing from a conventional or memory foam mattress.
  • Wool helps to calm your heart rate, relieve body aches and pains, and is naturally hypo-allergenic.

If you would like to customize your order further, please call our office (1-(877) 207-7585) and we will happily assist you.

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