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Organic Relaxed Sateen Pillowcases


Soft and supple without the sheen of other sateens, Coyuchi has embraced the essence of a breezy, casual California lifestyle with their relaxed sateen pillowcases. Perfect for all seasons and all sleepers.

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With the slightly heavier weave, this fabric is finished with miDori bioSoft, a GOTS certified, USDA approved fabric enhancer that softens the final product for a beautiful look and amazing comfort. Mini double stitch on cuff. Soft and durable, these organic cotton pillowcases will protect your pillows while providing you with a luxurious surface to lie upon. Considering that commercially grown cotton is sprayed with excessive amounts of harmful chemicals, we are committed to supporting farmers who are breaking this pattern of abuse to the planet by growing their cotton organically. GOTS and Fair Trade certifications ensure traceability and ethical treatment of all peoples along the supply chain. Feel a great sense of relief by purchasing sheets that are not only soft and luxurious but are also clean and pure.