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Mindful Mother’s Day

Mindful Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mothers (and Mother Earth) Sustainably

Mindful Mother’s Day 1

It’s Mindful May around here at Shepherd’s Dream, and as we take a look at our daily lives this month for mindful opportunities, we welcome Mother’s Day on Sunday May 14th.

The first Mother’s Day in the United States was celebrated in 1907 by Anna Jarvis, who rallied and organized around a day to celebrate mothers and their contributions to their children’s lives. Many traditions around the world have recognized maternal celebrations for hundreds and even thousands of years, such as the Greek cult of Cybele and the Roman festival of Hilaria, with Mothering Sunday being a common one observed still today.

It didn’t take long for Mother’s Day to become a “Hallmark holiday.” By the 1920s, Anna Jarvis was unhappy with the commercialism surrounding the day by greeting card, candy, and flower companies, and she protested against them to try to maintain the true spirit of the day. 

While candy and cards are certainly nice, we agree that there are some deeper, more meaningful ways to celebrate the day.

Mindful Mother’s Day 2

For Ourselves

As we’ve experienced in our own lives, and as market research shows, mothers are the main drivers of consumer health purchases for themselves and their families. There’s just something about understanding the responsibility of getting the next generation off to a good start that helps us prioritize. We’re so grateful to all the moms who put thought and care into nurturing their families!

And most of us learn at some point that if we don’t give ourselves the same great care we give to others, then everyone suffers. There’s a perfectly good reason self-care is such a buzzword these days—because mamas need it! Let’s expand our concept of “sustainability” to include the energy potential of the people doing the work as well. 

If you’re in the thick of mothering and feel overwhelmed trying to make some time for self-care, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • One step at a time. If you’re new to mindfulness or self-care practices, it can be overwhelming to try to make big changes all at once. Instead, start with small steps that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Try a five-minute morning meditation or a short walk outside during your lunch break.
  • Pencil it in. One of the biggest challenges of self-care is finding time for it. Try scheduling it into your day like you would any other appointment. This could mean blocking off 15 minutes in the morning for yoga, or implementing a 10-minute mindful wind down before bed.
  • Involve your kids. Believe it or not, including your kids in your self-care routine can be a win-win. For example, you could do a short yoga practice together, or take a mindful walk in nature. Not only does this fill your cup, but it also models healthy habits for your kids.
  • Let go of perfectionism. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need to do everything perfectly, but if there’s any lesson in the journey of parenting, it’s that perfection isn’t an option. Focus on learning and progress, not perfection. 

Mindful Mother’s Day 3

For the Mothers

Gift giving doesn’t have to be the usual. Here are some ideas for building in some meaning this Mother’s Day:

    • Share gratitude. If it feels resonant, sharing your gratitude can be a lovely way to recognize your mother or mothering figures in your life. While it’s always sweet to be acknowledged, try thinking of something specific, a story or a contribution, that has really contributed to you. This can be in person, on paper, or by video.
    • Quality time. One of the Love Languages…and while some moms might prefer a quiet day at the spa, many would love to just hang out with you.
    • Reusable water bottles and drink mugs. Helps reduce landfill waste while providing a lovely daily reminder of you (and your commitment to sustainability!). Fill it with her favorite coffee, tea, or a gift certificate to her favorite café.
    • Flowers and green stuff. Flowers have been associated with Mother’s Day since the beginning—carnations were the bloom of choice in the early 20th Century. Today’s mass market florists aren’t great choices due to shipping flowers from all over the world and using massive amounts of pesticides, so consider supporting a local flower grower this year who uses all-natural or organic practices. Scope out your farmers’ market or ask around. Maybe Mom loves indoor plants or has a garden? There can never be too much greenery!
    • Removable makeup pads. Another sustainable product that her skin will love! Try our Reusable Face Wipes made with all-natural, compostable cotton flannel. Buy them with our cotton mesh bag for machine washing and get 10% off the pair. Consider pairing this with her favorite skin products or something luxurious like a new serum.
    • Pillows. A cloud to rest her head for a great night’s sleep—what could be better? From our EcoWool Pillow to our Body Pillow to the latex Oxygen Pillow, we have as many pillows as moms have sleep needs. 

Mindful Mother’s Day 4

For Mother Earth

In all our years selling all-natural bedding, we’ve noticed something. When we make choices aligned with our health, they also happen to perfectly align with the health of the planet. This element of reciprocity is at the heart of what it is to be mothered and be a mother—to receive all that life has to give us and to find a way to give back and participate in that circle. 

Thanks for following along on our Mindful May journey! In whatever way Mother’s Day resonates for you, we wish you a mindful and meaningful one. Give us a follow on Instagram and Pinterest for more as we seek mindfulness in every day. Stay tuned for more this month, and as always—sweet dreams!

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