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Shepherd’s Dream Grassroots Giving: Siskiyou Mountain Club

Shepherd’s Dream is all about local networks and loving the natural beauty of our region, so we’re excited to support a group in our community doing amazing work in the mountains and forests around us—Siskiyou Mountain Club!

Many people might not be aware that funding has been slashed for trail maintenance in our great outdoors, and that’s where Siskiyou Mountain Club comes in. They’ve adopted several wilderness areas in the Cascade-Siskiyou mountain ranges of our home region, a total of 333 trail miles, to maintain and restore so that all of us have access to these gems. The Siskiyous are important to us, as they’re a special mountain range running perpendicular to the north-south Cascades and cradling the sheep ranches that provide much of our wool. Work includes clearing fallen trees, building retaining walls, repairing bridges, and helping open trails again after fires have swept through.

Through their fundraising efforts and grant awards, they’re able to hire college interns for the summer season. These young adults receive on-the-job training and learn skills that will serve them for a lifetime. All of this while being out in some of the most jaw-droppingly stunning wilderness in the West, connecting with the land and learning about our natural world in a way that just can’t be achieved at the usual campgrounds and big parks. They bond with their workmates and learn the value of working with their hands in service of a grand mission. Many interns report a transformative experience after their time on the trail.

Did you know that mechanized tools aren’t allowed in the backcountry? In place of chainsaws, the crews cut through massive trees with good old fashioned handsaws. They clear brush, dig holes, move earth, and build structures—all by hand. That’s something we can appreciate here at Shepherd’s Dream, as all our wool mattresses are made by hand too.

We love the work they’re doing, and we’re grateful for the dedication of the crews who help keep us enjoying the natural beauty of our region—backpacking, hiking, fishing, mountain biking. For the duration of our partnership, please consider donating to their cause, and Shepherd’s Dream will match all funds received. It’s especially a good time during our Summer Solstice Sale!

Check out Siskiyou Mountain Club, you can learn more about them here.

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