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Where the Magic Happens: Is a Wool Mattress the Best Mattress for Sex?

Where the Magic Happens: Is a Wool Mattress the Best Mattress for Sex?

As a mattress company, we talk a lot about sleep. We talk a lot about mattress and bedding features and performance. We talk about the importance of sleep and a healthy lifestyle. We also talk about how, in order to create the optimal sleep environment, it’s best to have a bedroom free from clutter and other distractions. But there’s one bedroom activity we haven’t covered just yet…

Let’s be honest—our beds are where the magic (mostly) happens. In contrast to spending 30% of our lives sleeping, we spend a lot less time having sex, about .45% of our lives. That amounts to four months of a total average lifespan. While this may not be a lot of time, sex is still an important part of a healthy and vibrant life. 

So while it may not be at the top of our thoughts when purchasing a mattress, and it may not be something we wish to bring up directly with a salesperson, hopefully mattress shoppers are considering their love lives when purchasing a mattress. It made us wonder: What makes a mattress suitable for sex? And how does our All Wool Mattress…ahem…perform?

For Your Amorous Consideration

While many of us here have already test-driven the All Wool Mattress and knew it was an ideal love nest, it was still surprising to see it hit the mark in so many different categories. All the things that make wool mattresses amazing for sleep also serve for outstanding lovemaking. 

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Firmness & Responsiveness

This is by far one of the most important things to consider. When it comes to sex, the right mattress can sound like something out of Goldilocks’s fairytale—not too soft and not too firm. We want to cushion any pressure points, but we don’t want to sink into the mattress so far that it’s difficult to move. We want good leverage and not too much disruptive bounce. And we want consistent support across the entire bed. 

All Wool Mattress: Check, check, check, check and check! Here’s where memory foam and some latex mattresses can really underperform. By being too soft, they absorb movement and momentum. Coiled mattresses can provide too much bounce, not to mention noise, which we’ll cover in a minute. Some mattresses have different zones of support, which can be confusing if you’re making good use of the entire bedspace. 

There’s one category in which the All Wool Mattress gets a B grade—edge support, which is helpful for certain positions. Some mattresses have a metal frame that goes around the full perimeter of the mattress, often in conjunction with coils, providing great edge support. Memory foam and some latex mattresses are soft all the way to the edges, which can unceremoniously dump you off the side if you roll too close. The All Wool Mattress doesn’t have extra support, but it also doesn’t give way, so it won’t let you down. 

Moisture Management, Temperature Regulation & Breathability

This is one of the biggest benefits of wool mattresses and bedding over conventional synthetic options, and it’s even more relevant when things heat up in the bedroom. The last distraction we need is a hot and clammy environment ruining the mood! Wool allows for airflow and efficiently absorbs plenty of moisture away from your skin. This is another category where memory foam mattresses do poorly. Because you sink into it and the synthetic foam doesn’t breathe, it’s easy to get overheated and find yourself a sweaty mess—in a nonsexy way.

You’ll definitely want our washable Wool Mattress Protector between you and your wool mattress, and then you’ll have zero worries. There are other products out there specifically for this purpose, but they’re synthetic. Ours is a wonderfully natural and sustainable option.

Pro tip: Feel free to leave the covers off and let your wool bedding air out post-romp.

Where the Magic Happens: Is a Wool Mattress the Best Mattress for Sex? 2

Noise Reduction

We’re all aware of the time-honored clichés of squeaking bed coils and banging headboards. Aside from the participants themselves, a lot of noise can come from both the mattress and the bed frame. Luckily, our All Wool Mattress is about as silent as a mattress can be—no metal coils or parts, no doodads or gadgets, no moving parts or components. It’s like making love on a cloud made of pure and natural wool. 

As for the bed frame, we recommend one with wood slat supports for the All Wool Mattress to allow for airflow, and these are automatically going to be the best bet for less noise. All-wood bed frames, like the Puritas Furniture Company ones we sell, don’t have metal parts that get loose and jangly, and Puritas’s are solidly built to last. Be sure to check the connections from time to time and tighten things up if needed. If you have hardwood or other smooth floors, try putting a rug (wool, of course!) under your bed to prevent friction. 

Easy Clean Up

Wool is renowned for being easy to care for (go here for more on that). It spot cleans in a cinch, doesn’t hold onto odors, and only requires one or two sunbaths a year to stay in tip-top shape. You might also want to keep a bottle of our recommended Eucalan wool-safe cleanser handy. 


The All Wool Mattress is handmade with the highest quality materials. There are no parts to wear out or break down—just an initial phase of wool compression that takes a few months to settle in. We’ve been making them for over 25 years, and some of our customers are still sleeping on the mattress they purchased from us back then. While we haven’t quizzed them on their love lives, we’re going to assume that those years include plenty of lovemaking and that their continued use of the mattress means it’s passing with flying colors. 

Considerate of Your Health & the Planet

The All Wool Mattress is hypoallergenic, nontoxic, chemical free, and sustainable. What could be sexier than caring for the health of yourself and your partner?! Anyone with allergies, sensitivities, aches and pains, or trouble sleeping will think your wool mattress is magical. 

And it’s no accident that the same mattress that is good for us is also good for the planet. If you happen to be hitting on someone who cares about sustainability, the best pickup line might be: “My All Wool Mattress is fully compostable.” 

Where the Magic Happens: Is a Wool Mattress the Best Mattress for Sex? 3

Any Downsides?

Just one. 

Due to the bed frames we recommend, and the fact that no box spring is needed or recommended, the bed height tends to be lower. This can eliminate certain positions that allow one partner to stand while the other is at the edge of the mattress. 

One workaround is to use pillows to raise hips to an easier-access height. While there are products sold for this express purpose, most if not all use synthetic fabrics and materials. Our wool pillows are natural and nontoxic, but if this is a frequent part of your repertoire, you may want to purchase some that you don’t rest your head on. Check out our Throw Pillow, Body Pillow, and Lumbar Pillow.

Thanks for reading! We hope we’ve inspired you to give your love life some attention and given you another way to appreciate our All Wool Mattress. Be sure to check us out on Instagram and Pinterest! Until next time, sweet dreams and get your sexy on.

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