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Throw Pillow



Our Throw Pillow is filled with EcoWool® batting and encased in an organic cotton fabric. Incredibly versatile—try them on the couch, as seat cushions, or your bed for additional support. Optional organic cotton cover in Ivory.

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Our Throw Pillows are hand-sewn and expertly stuffed with pure and natural EcoWool® batting, then encased in soft and durable organic cotton.

Like our wool-filled Chair Pillow, our Throw Pillows measure 22 x 22 inches, but it’s filled with 30 ounces of EcoWool batting to create a fuller pillow.

Comes with a soft, washable organic cotton cover in Ivory. We also have a variety of colored fabrics that can be used for the cover upon request. Call or email us to inquire about which fabrics we currently have available and pricing.

Highlights of Our Wool Throw Pillow

  • Filled only with breathable, pure EcoWool batting.
  • Great for those with allergies and sensitivities.
  • Maintains resiliency better than most other natural fibers.
  • Organic Cotton Cover available in Ivory.

All of our wool-filled pillows are ideal for a healthy bedroom (or living room!). Wool reduces common allergens because it is naturally mold, mildew, and dust mite resistant. Wool quickly absorbs and releases moisture and thus, does not allow the damp conditions that mold thrive on. Other natural fibers, such as down and cotton, do not readily release moisture. Wool is also naturally fire resistant which means that all of our bedding is able to pass flame tests without the use of any added chemicals.

Size Width x Length (inches) Wool Fill Weight (ounces)
Throw Pillow with Cover 23 x 23 30 oz
Throw Pillow Without Cover 22 x 22 30 oz
Throw Pillow Cover 23 x 23

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