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Summer Heat Getting You Down? Keep Cool With Wool!

Summer is in Full Swing!

As June turns to July, the heat steadily climbs and leaves you sweaty and exhausted. In many cases, the rise in temperature leads to swimming in the ocean or taking a dip in the river. But another great way to beat the heat of summer is to relax at home with a beautiful merino wool blanket!

Merino sheep are known for their beautiful wool, due to the sheep’s fine fibers, wool has many properties that make it an ideal material to make clothing and bedding. Most people think of winter when they hear about wrapping up in merino wool, but it’s actually great for summer too. Here are five reasons why you should consider wool for your summer fabric.

1) It Keeps You Cool in Warm Weather

Throughout millions of years, Merino sheep have evolved to excel at keeping themselves cool as well as warm! That means merino clothing and bedding are great to wear when it’s hot since they actually help you regulate your temperature. The wool fibers can absorb moisture, drawing away sweat from your skin so it can evaporate into the air outside the fabric. As the moisture evaporates, heat is released, cooling the air between your skin and the fabric. One way to take advantage of merino wool’s phenomenal temperature regulation is to use a wool throw or blanket on your bed over some cotton sheets to add breathability and warmth when the nights cool down.

2) Wool Protects Your Skin

Another benefit of wool is that it acts as a natural UV barrier, protecting your skin from damaging Ultraviolet radiation. UV weakens the bonds between cells in the top layer of skin by affecting proteins that help the cells to adhere together. That’s why sunburn leads to skin peeling. The natural protection from wool helps you avoid nasty burns and reduce your chance of permanently damaging your skin while soaking up the summer sunshine!

3) It’s Odor Resistant

Merino wool is a breathable fabric that absorbs moisture leaving you cool, dry, and resists odors like sweat. Wool’s natural odor resistance lets you enjoy movement during the summer heat without worrying about the smell of your sweat.

4) Wool Fabrics Dry Super Quick

When you take your wool clothing or bedding out of the washing machine, you can dry your garment flat or put it on a hanger to dry. Due to how fine the fabric is, it will dry exceptionally fast. No need to worry if you get it wet on your trip to the river or beach.

5) Wool is Good for Your Skin

Not only is wool soft on your skin, but merino wool is also non-allergenic. Wool’s natural benefits make it ideal for sensitive skin and can even reduce the symptoms of eczema. Like we mentioned earlier in this list, merino wool naturally absorbs and evaporates moisture, making it static resistant. Thanks to wool’s static resistance, clothes won’t cling to your skin or crackle or spark when you undress.

We hope that you enjoy your merino wool fabrics in summer as much as we do!

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