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If You’re Going to Wear a Mask All Day…

Why not make it a good one? If you sleep on an organic cotton pillow cover all night, why would you wear a mask made from artificial materials and chemicals while you’re awake? Masks made from synthetic fibers can off-gas the chemicals they’ve been treated with, which is bad in any kind of clothing, but even worse if you’re breathing through it all day. Speaking of breathing, cotton is a super breathable material! We use cotton encasements on our Wool Sleep Pillows because they protect the wool while also allowing the wool to absorb moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable while you sleep. Pillows are important, but so is your face-protect it with a quality cotton mask. The fit of a mask matters too; if a mask is uncomfortable a person is far less likely to wear it and loose masks provide less protection. That’s why our Organic Cotton Face Mask comes in different sizes and has adjustable stretch knit ties. You can adjust the ties to your specific face shape, making it easy to get a snug, comfortable fit with your mask. If you want even more protection, you can even put a filter between the two layers of our mask.  Filters are great, but it’s important to keep a natural layer between you and the filter. People are getting creative in their own mask making using anything from coffee filters, HVAC filters, or even vacuum bags. The problem is that these filters can shed fibers that people can inhale, and some air filters even contain fiberglass. Essentially, you need a natural layer to filter out the filter itself. Disposable masks can be good in a pinch, but they take resources to make and most are non-biodegradable. Even some “natural” masks use synthetic elastic bands, which will eventually end up in a landfill where they can continue to release chemicals into the environment anywhere from 20 to 200 years. Our mask has cotton ties and is machine washable so one will last a long time. When you’re finally done with it, our organic cotton safely biodegrades.  So make sure to treat the environment and your face kindly with a natural mask.
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