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Sleep Like a Pro Traveler: Unlocking the Benefits of Wool Bedding for Summer Adventures

Sleep Like a Pro Traveler: Unlocking the Benefits of Wool Bedding for Summer Adventures 1

The Summer travel season is upon us, and there are so many reasons your wool bedding should come with you. 

Our travel products ensure that you don’t have to suffer with uncomfortable, questionable, synthetic pillows and bedding. Wool keeps you cool, comfortable, and protected wherever you lay your head, from hotel rooms to vacation rentals to campsites to Aunt Edna’s lumpy ol’ pullout sofa. And if you make it to the bottom of this post, you just might get a sweet deal on your wanderlust gear. 

Let’s hit the road!

Sleep Like a Pro Traveler: Unlocking the Benefits of Wool Bedding for Summer Adventures 2

Sleep Right, Sleep Tight

Travel accommodations are rarely more comfortable than the cozy nest we’ve curated at home—especially if you’ve got the Shepherd’s Dream set up! Many of us get accustomed to our home sleep environment and have a hard time adjusting to other beds and pillows, especially as we age or if we’re highly physically active and require recovery. 

We hand make every item for optimum comfort and transportability with pure and natural wool and organic cotton. Our travel series of products are a great way to bring your Shepherd’s Dream with you on the road if you already have it at home, or also a wonderful way to try out the magic of wool at a lower price point before committing to the full experience. Either way, we think you’ll find that having these materials next to your skin is not only comfortable, it contributes to a healthier overall sleep environment in so many ways. Wool bedding is:

  • Breathable. Wool doesn’t hold on to the hot, moist air our bodies give off, instead allowing it to move out and through. 
  • Moisture wicking. Wool moves an incredible amount of moisture to the core of its fiber, pulling it away from your skin so you never feel clammy. 
  • Hypoallergenic. Despite wool’s reputation, it is one of the best materials for allergy and chemical sensitivity sufferers. 
  • Sustainable. Wool is a renewable resource that respects the sheep it comes from. It’s also compostable when you’re done with it—can’t say that about synthetics!
  • Insulating. For camping and other outdoor pursuits, or when the weather invites coziness, wool’s got you buffered and covered. 
  • Packable. Wool bedding is lightweight, and rolls up and compresses for easy packing, then springs back to life when you’re ready for sleep.
  • Odor managing. Just like wool base layers, wool bedding somehow takes odors and magically makes them disappear. This works well for campers and outdoor enthusiasts who might be extra sweaty and away from showers for a while, not to mention those menopausal hot flashes—right, ladies?
  • Easy Care. Since our travel products are already more portable, they’re a cinch to refresh. Just set them outside for some sunshine and fresh air, with occasional spot cleaning when needed.
Sleep Like a Pro Traveler: Unlocking the Benefits of Wool Bedding for Summer Adventures 3

Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

Have we mentioned that wool naturally repels common unwelcome sleep buddies? 

Dust mites are a common cause of allergies, and bed bugs just suck (see what we did there?), but they’re a reality of life on the go. Both vastly prefer stuffy and clammy sleep environments created by synthetic fabrics and mattress components over moisture-wicking, breathable wool mattresses and bedding. In addition, where synthetic fabric fibers and foams are smooth, wool has natural scales along its fiber length, and the little buggers just don’t like the feel of it. 

Bed bug cases have seen an uptick in recent years, and most infestations are brought home from travels elsewhere by hitchhiking in suitcases. So be sure to put your suitcase on the hotel luggage racks provided instead of on the floor, and you’ll be extra protected with your wool bedding. Should your travel items pick up some stowaways, a nice sunbath in the summer sun will eliminate any stragglers—no chemicals required.

Sleep Like a Pro Traveler: Unlocking the Benefits of Wool Bedding for Summer Adventures 4

Travel Light

Whether you’re on the floor, the ground, the couch, a bed, or wherever you end up laying your head, our travel products bring comfort with you. 

Pro Tips 

  • Some airlines let you get away with bringing a small travel-size pillow and blanket in addition to your carry-on luggage and personal item. Others do not, and will require you to consolidate them. Be sure to check ahead of time, or be ready to pack it away if needed. 
  • When staying at a hotel, resort, cruise ship, or anywhere with housekeeping, be sure to remove your personal travel bedding from the bed before they service the room to avoid any confusion. And double check before you check out—you don’t want to leave it behind!

Let’s see our roster of travel all-stars:

  • Polaris Travel Set. The ultimate travel companion—a Stargazer Travel Pad with your choice of a washable organic duck or canvas cover, our exclusive CocoCoir Comfort Pad™ for comfort and keeping your sleep pad off the floor, an EcoWool® Travel Pillow with cover, and a handy travel sack to carry it all together.  
  • Stargazer Travel Pad. Maybe you don’t need the full set-up of the Polaris, but you still want the Stargazer. Lightweight, easy to carry, and available with or without a cover.
  • Travel Mate Mattress Topper. 2 inches of lightweight EcoWool® that can be rolled up, taken with you, and placed atop any bed, air mattress, or sofa bed. 
  • Travel Pillow. Stuffed with soft EcoWool® and perfectly travel-sized, this pillow is a trusty place to rest your head. If you’re looking for something even smaller, check out our Child’s Sleep Pillow. Be sure to opt for the protective pillow cover on both.
  • Neck Pillow. If neck support is a concern for you, our compact and super portable neck pillow can turn any pillow into a comfortable one. Makes nice lumbar support in a pinch for long flights and drives. 
  • Merino Wool Blanket. Our luxurious and washable merino wool blanket is perfect for travel, check out the Lap and Throw size options. 


Perhaps you’re in need of something a bit off the beaten path…something just for you…something just right. 

Shepherd’s Dream takes custom orders! We work with owners of camper vans, RVs and camping trailers, truck bed set-ups, and more to create the ideal sleepaway situation. Please contact our Sales Dream Team directly with this online form or call us at (800) 966-5540.

Wherever your travels take you this summer, we hope you have a blast and get the best night’s rest possible—let us know how we can help.  

Give us a follow on Instagram and Pinterest for more summer fun and travel ideas. Sweet dreams out there!

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