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Discover Our All Wool Dream Pillow

Luxe and dreamy…the ultimate wool pillow

If there’s something we know here at Shepherd’s Dream, it’s that finding the perfect pillow is a deeply personal choice—and it can sometimes be an epic quest. We’ve helped thousands of customers dial in their pillow preferences, paired them up with the pillow for their needs, and even occasionally guided them through the return process until we get it right. 

One of our pillows has become a sleeper hit of sorts, the All Wool Dream Pillow. And we realized we haven’t given it much love lately, so we thought we’d take a moment to share what makes this particular pillow so special. Who knows? Maybe it’s just the pillow you’ve been dreaming of.

Discover Our All Wool Dream Pillow 1

The Magic of a Wool Pillow

As anyone who’s been following us for a while knows, Shepherd’s Dream is a big fan of wool for sleeping. Let us count the ways:

  • Thermoregulation. Wool does for us what it does for the sheep—allows airflow so they don’t overheat, insulates to keep perfectly toasty.
  • Moisture Wicking. Wool can absorb as much as 35% of its weight in moisture, drawing it into the core of the fiber and then releasing it as water vapor. Meaning—you don’t get clammy if you sleep hot.
  • Hypoallergenic. Despite its reputation, wool bedding is wonderful for allergy sufferers and anyone with chemical sensitivities. 
  • Pain Relieving. Wool bedding helps many of our customers sleep more soundly by easing neck pain, back pain, and muscle soreness from activity. 
  • Sustainability. Unlike mattresses and bedding made with synthetic fabrics and plastic components, wool will gracefully break down back into soil. We also source the wool from responsible wool growers who care for their land and the treatment of their flocks. 

What does this have to do with the All Wool Dream Pillow? It’s a wonderful choice for all the above reasons. 

Think about it…the pillow you lay your head on for a third of your life should manage your body heat, sweat, breathing, and—dare we say it?!—drooling (you know who you are). It shouldn’t exacerbate any allergies or sensitivities you have, a hidden reason for bad sleep quality. It shouldn’t contribute to any aches and pains, and maybe it shouldn’t sit in a landfill for hundreds of years after you’re…ahem…done with it. 

The All Wool Dream Pillow does all this and more.

Discover Our All Wool Dream Pillow 2

So How Does the All Wool Dream Pillow Feel?

We’re glad you asked! 

Most of our pillows are wrapped in a soft, organic cotton sateen fabric, which is wonderful. But some wool bedding superfans wondered if the benefits of wool could be amplified with a wool pillow encasement, bringing the wool into closer contact with their skin with only the pillowcase between. So we decided to answer the call!

The All Wool Dream Pillow is the only pillow in our line that takes EcoWool® batting and wraps it in a fine Merino wool textile, the same one as our washable Merino Wool Blanket. Pillow connoisseurs might notice a slight difference between this pillow and a pillow wrapped in other fabrics—there tends to be more give with a cotton fabric, so this pillow sleeps a bit firmer and will weigh a bit heavier. In addition, that wool encasement gives this pillow a bit of an edge on durability, lending it a resilience that lasts.

The overall result is a pillow with an ultra fine feel, superior breathability and moisture management, and supreme comfort. It somehow manages to be both down-to-earth and yet low key top of the line in luxurious wool pillows. 

The All Wool Dream Pillow is great for side and back sleepers (Sorry stomach sleepers! Try our 18 oz. fill pillows.), and those who love a bit more support for their head and neck.

Discover Our All Wool Dream Pillow 3

Happily Dreaming Ever After

We’re so glad you got to meet our All Wool Dream Pillow! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to chat up our Customer Service team. We’ve got lots of experience connecting people with the right pillow, and we can help you find yours.

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more about the magic of wool, and until next time, sweet dreams.

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