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It’s a Whole Vibe: Why You Need All-Natural Mattresses in Your Life

Presenting! Shepherd’s Dream’s All-Natural All Wool Mattress and Cascade Latex Mattress

There’s a lot to think about when you commit to taking good care of yourself and our planet. You’ve dialed in your reduce, reuse, recycle game. You eat lots of fresh foods, and maybe you even frequent your farmers’ markets and farms for the most local, seasonal goodies you can find. You’ve overhauled your personal care products to reduce toxin exposure. And you’ve been trying to avoid all that fast fashion, shopping at second-hand stores and with sustainable brands instead. 

But have you thought about an all-natural mattress?

It’s understandable that we may take our mattress for granted, because usually when we’re there, we’re asleep! But with about a third of our lives spent in bed sleeping, and considering some of the larger impacts of our mattress purchases, purchasing an all-natural mattress is a major part of both a healthier and more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. 

At Shepherd’s Dream, we have two lovely options for you to choose from, our flagship All Wool Mattress and our Cascade Latex Mattress. Both are made right here in the USA with the finest all-natural, chemical-free materials available and are built to last. So let’s learn more about why they’re perfect for you. 

It’s a Whole Vibe: Why You Need All-Natural Mattresses in Your Life 1
No worries with an all-natural mattress. They benefit everyone.

#1 Health

Shepherd’s Dream was founded by health-conscious folks seeking sleep without the flame retardant chemicals and synthetic materials of conventional mattresses because of their deleterious health effects. A Shepherd’s Dream mattress gives you peace of mind. 

  • Only all-natural, chemical-free materials like EcoWool®, organic cotton, and responsibly-sourced latex go into our mattresses. 
  • As a result, there are no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and no off-gassing of harmful chemicals. Your indoor air quality will thank you!
  • Anyone with allergies or chemical sensitivities can rest easier. 
  • Better sleep is a cornerstone of better all-around health. 

#2 Eco-Conscious Sustainability

Remember those Shepherd’s Dream founders? They also cared for our planet’s delicate ecosystems. And with an estimated 50,000 mattresses thrown away each day, our mattress’s materials really do matter. Be sure to check out our sustainability manifesto here—we’re all about those circular economy ethics! 

  • Our mattresses are biodegradable (even compostable!), and the materials we use won’t leach toxic chemicals into the air, land, or water. This reduces the burden on our already overstuffed landfills.
  • We source our materials and components as sustainably and responsibly as possible. Check out our certifications page
  • Your purchase of a Shepherd’s Dream mattress supports sustainable business practices and helps every link in that chain stay healthy and viable to continue doing the good work. 
  • These mattresses are not fast fashion, so it helps reduce your consumer impacts and waste stream. Learn more about their durability below.
It’s a Whole Vibe: Why You Need All-Natural Mattresses in Your Life 2
Ahhh…natural sleep is the best sleep.

#3 Comfort & Durability

With over 25 years of mattress making, the results are in—our mattresses are über comfortable, help relieve aches and pains, and stand up to the test of time.

  • Unlike many mattresses, ours are customizable for your desired sleep experience. The All Wool Mattress is designed as a modular system with plenty of options, and the Cascade Latex Mattress is flippable for two slightly different versions of its medium-firm density. 
  • Wool bedding has a storied history of helping to relieve aches and pains. Don’t just take our word for it! Check out some testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Wool is a natural temperature regulator, not just for the sheep who grow it, but for those of us who sleep on it too! Anyone who sleeps hot will appreciate the breathability. 
  • Both mattresses are built to last. Our All Wool Mattress has been known to reach two decades of use and more. Without synthetic fabrics and components or metal springs, there’s just less to wear out or break down with time. Just be sure to give it some sun and fresh air from time to time

#4 Alignment with Your Conscious Choices

For all the above reasons and more, our All Wool and Cascade Latex Mattresses hit all the marks for your personal ethos. 

  • A healthy, sustainable, ethically-made mattress helps you live your value system, and pays off in numerous unquantifiable ways. Good karma points!
  • Purchasing a Shepherd’s Dream all-natural mattress shows your commitment to supporting small businesses, fair labor practices, and the fragile American manufacturing industry. 
It’s a Whole Vibe: Why You Need All-Natural Mattresses in Your Life 3
All-natural sheep make all-natural mattresses.

Being the Change We Wish to See

From our inception, Shepherd’s Dream has been on a mission to share the benefits of all-natural bedding. It’s a wonderful way to take good care of ourselves and our families while developing a closer relationship and appreciation for nature. As conversations about human health and the state of our environment become more prevalent in the daily news, we’re committed to continuing to refine our processes and producing the best mattresses for people and planet. 

Thanks so much for tuning in! Check out our feeds on Instagram and Pinterest for more about the magical wonders of wool and natural sleep. Sweet dreams!

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