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Sleepcasts: Discover Modern Lullabies for Better Sleep

The Top Sleep Podcasts and Apps for Bedtime Relaxation

Most of us are online when we’re awake—so who knew online sleep tools would be so popular? Well, maybe it makes sense in light of the fact that so many of us are sleep deprived and looking for solutions. Sleep streams are super popular on TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube, and there are now numerous sleep podcasts and apps to help send you into dreamland.

This genre of sleep technology is so popular, that big names like Harvard, the BBC, and the National Sleep Foundation have developed their own apps, and celebrities like Matthew McConaghey, Harry Styles, and John Legend have provided their voice talent. There are so many different options to choose from, including novel approaches like stories so boring you’re guaranteed to fall asleep or reading Wikipedia entries slowly, to the more traditional sorts of guided imagery, meditations, and nature sounds. There’s something for every insomniac!

While many of the apps require membership fees, you can also find many sleep playlists and sleepcasts for free, and if you already have a subscription to a streaming service, you’ll find plenty of options there. Some places to look:

  • YouTube
  • Audible
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Google Play

So whether you have trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, or just want a lovely addition to your sleep routine, give these a try! Just be sure not to look at your screen while you’re listening…

Sleepcasts: Discover Modern Lullabies for Better Sleep 1

Sleep Apps


An all-in-one mindfulness app that not only has tools for helping you sleep better, but can also help with meditation, self care, and stress relief as well. Membership required, but they also have many episodes for free on YouTube. One of their most popular is called Rainday Antiques.


From nature sounds set to optimized music, to celebrities reading stories, to guided meditations, Calm has it all. Membership required, but be sure to check out their YouTube channel for free offerings. 


Not just things to listen to, but a sleep tracker too! Plenty of options: white noise, ASMR, stories, binaural beats, meditations. It even allows you to mix elements from their extensive library to create your own custom sleep sounds.


Research based and backed by the National Sleep Foundation, Slumber features meditations, stories, music, and relaxing sounds (including ASMR) to lull you to sleep. Customizable for just the right combination of sounds for you.

Sleepcasts: Discover Modern Lullabies for Better Sleep 2

Top Sleepcasts

Sleep With Me

A classic since 2013, this one still tops many Best Of lists. Creator Drew Ackerman pulls from his own experiences with insomnia to tell stories so others don’t feel alone blinking into their dark bedrooms. 

BBC’s Slow Radio 

From our friends across the pond, a “lo-fi celebration of pure sound.” Nature sounds, soundscapes, music, and stories accompany your pre-bedtime ritual.

Sleep Whispers

The perfect wind down for ASMR lovers. Whispering Harris, as he’s called, whispers you to sleep with fun facts and trivia, guided meditations, poems and stories, and chat episodes. 

Get Sleepy

Twice weekly bedtime stories perfectly engineered by a professional team for an optimal sleep send-off.  

Goodnight, World!

This collaboration between Headspace and Sesame Street will help your rambunctious little ones calm their bodies and minds at bed with their favorite friends.

Deep Energy

If you love the music from your massage therapist’s office or yoga studio, this is the sleep playlist for you. Musician Jim Butler crafts ambient and New Age music perfect for blissful nights.

Sleepcasts: Discover Modern Lullabies for Better Sleep 3

Naturally Good Sleep in a Modern World

We speak often of the benefits of all-natural sleep, from the materials that go into our bedding to some natural alternatives to help us get a better night’s sleep. But sometimes modern technologies can really benefit our lives, and helping us drift off to sleep a little easier is a great example. 

For more natural sleep advice, check out these previous Counting Sheep blog entries:

We hope you found something new to listen to while you snuggle up in some of our all-natural bedding—a fantastic combo. Be sure to give us a follow on Instagram and Pinterest for more natural sleep and bedroom tips. Sweet dreams!

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