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Popular Wool Bed Configurations (Part 2): All-Natural Latex Mattress and Wool-Filled Topper

Wool Bedding Configurations – It’s all about the layers!

Previously, we discussed our most popular layered bed arrangement: the 5” Wool Mattress, 3” Wool Topper, and 4” Latex Pad. This setup showcases our wool bedding and all of its benefits while also providing an element of buoyancy from the layer of latex.

This week we’re discussing another popular configuration: the Cascade Latex Mattress (previously the “Live & Dream Natural Latex Mattress) and Snuggle Mate Wool Topper.

latex mattress, wool toppper

Let’s start with the bottom layer…

Cascade Natural Latex Mattress

This all-natural mattress looks just like a conventional bed in structure. The mattress is made of 100% natural dunlop latex. The latex is housed in a zipper encasement for easy removal, and therefore convenient sunning and airing of the material. This quilted encasement is made with organic cotton sateen, organic cotton canvas, Premium EcoWool batting, and EcoWool needle punch. There’s just nothing quite like sleeping on an all-natural mattress. Experience the relaxation of our EcoWool® mattresses for your best night’s sleep.

latex mattress, natural mattress, non-toxic mattress

One of the chief advantages of a latex mattress versus a wool mattress is its buoyancy. This elasticity allows the mattress to conform easily to any body shape while also providing a deeper, full body support. Additionally, natural latex foam is incredibly versatile which makes it ideal for maximum comfort and pain relief.

While latex is a wonderful all-natural choice for a mattress, adding a layer of wool to this bed achieves optimum benefits. This is why we love to recommend adding a wool topper to a latex mattress.

3” Snuggle Mate Wool Topper

Experience all the benefits of wool by adding a Snuggle Mate topper to your mattress. Wool is a naturally temperature regulating material, meaning it helps to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The resilient fiber also helps to relieve back and arthritis pain as well as encourages your heart rate to slow down for deep rest and relaxation.

Our Snuggle Mate wool mattress topper consists of 3 inches of our local lush Premium EcoWool batting and is encased in a thick, soft organic cotton sateen. Maintenance is minimal: all this topper needs is sun and air to revitalize the wool. Simply expose your topper whenever you change your sheets by opening all your bedroom windows on a clear day, or bring your wool topper outside to air a couple times a year.

Our wool-filled mattress toppers will compress between 30-40% within the first 6 months of regular use. Easily achieve an evenly distributed compression by sleeping all over the topper and regularly flipping the topper during those first 6 months.

Live and Dream Latex with Snuggle Mate

  • Note that “Live and Dream” is now our Cascade Latex Mattress. Stay tuned for another all-natural, wool bedding configuration!

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