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Sweetest Dreams with the Benefits of our Body Pillow

Our 50-inch full-length Body Pillow is designed to bolster the body of the side sleeper and encourages the best alignment for one’s back and limbs. This pillow offers comfort and optimum support for all of our precious being.

A Body Pillow distributes the weight of our limbs evenly which results in deeper relaxation and rest for the entire body.

Deep relaxation and rest may improve our respiration at night by allowing for greater oxygenation of our cells and tissues. Our cells and tissues, of course, need a constant supply of oxygen to perform their very best. This in turn supports the regulation of our blood circulation.

Using a Body Pillow between one’s knees adjusts the spine and limbs in a natural way that brings relief from lower back pain, sciatica, and bulging/herniated discs. This is especially good news for women who are pregnant and for anyone who cannot take medication to alleviate their lower back pain. A Body Pillow helps balance the belly and back to create better comfort.

Body Pillows are also popular amongst men these days. Their broad shoulders and hips benefit greatly from the support of a body pillow.

Snoring is also reduced from sleeping on one’s side. Additionally, the comfort from the embracing pillow helps lower the heart rate (assisting one to fall asleep faster).

For those of us who co-sleep with a partner our 16-inch wide body pillow is just the perfect size. Our Body Pillow allows for both partners to each enjoy having their own in the same bed!

This all-natural companion has a cotton sateen encasement and is filled with pure Eco-Wool batting. Our Body Pillows are completely toxic-free: just perfect for hugging!

Hugging is scientifically proven to release the hormone oxytocin which makes us feel warm and at ease. Moreover, hugging is also stress-relieving and calming to our nervous system and senses- sure to help anyone & everyone sleep their natural best!

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