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Our lives can tend to get busy, however, this 4-step combination is really simple, and it works to naturally get a good night’s sleep!

#1 Start with the right pillow…

I find it’s helpful to think about what kind of pillow firmness you are attracted to when testing pillows in a department store or while staying in a hotel. I prefer medium firmness, because I like to sleep on my back, side and stomach. So I don’t like a pillow that is too thin, or too thick..(and just say “wool baby”)!



#2 Add just the right comforter…

Wool comforter

I like to slumber under my precious, wool filled, mid-weight comforter, because this comforter keeps me sleeping in my “ultimate zone” of zzzzzzz…..Not too hot, not too cold, aaah, just right…



#3 Add a layer of wool to your mattress…

Mattress topper

I like the idea that you can add a wool- filled topper, single or multiples of wool felt, or the like, to any sleep surface….Your body will definitely know the difference, between “the old way” and the “new way!” Your body will actually feel better, because wool rejuvenates your tired body, like nothing else….(did I mention you will also sleep in your optimum temperature zone?)..!



#4 Create a restful sanctuary…

bigstock-A-d-rendering-of-Modern-Desig-56522666-1I like to keep my sleep space inviting, clear of clutter and debris. I make a point of honoring my sleep space by not working or watching videos in this space (there’s the rest of the house to do this)… When I retreat, I really retreat from everything that could be disruptive and disturbing to my valuable regeneration time!

Our lives can tend to get busy, however, this 4-step combination is really simple, and it works!

naturally get a good night’s sleep!


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