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Stories from the birthing chambers, Solemon Sky and the HeartFelt Bed Collective

As I sit and write this, my beautiful daughter, Sarah Sunshine is feeling the early stages of her first birth giving. I am with baited breath awaiting the phonecall that I should come quickly to witness this great family event. Meanwhile, my youngest sister ­ a doula ­ is attending her with subtle telepathic precision. Sarah’s mate and husband, Nathon is dancing around the scene, supporting, protecting, as this powerful life process unfolds for Sarah. An experienced midwife is nearby and ready to help and guide as the birthing intensifies. Logan, Sarah’s longtime friend, is also present and has entered a creative vortex, sculpting a tiny felted sleeping nest in the shape of a dolphin while simultaneously ‘tuning in’ to Sarah’s process and helping, lifting, supporting her.

The moon is waxing, it’s growing energy facilitating this new human’s passage to this planet of ours.

As for me, a newly becoming crone, birthing takes on new forms. My passions generate a beautiful idea. This idea grows into a plan and after a time of gestation the idea becomes real, as it did for HeartFelt Bed Collective. See the story here.

We love this way of creating our bed mattress. Simply, layers of felt, however many layers is right for you. We now offer four foundation options for the felt layers. Sleeping on wool is healing and helps the body relax and fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. Take a felt or two on the road with you so you are always giving yourself the benefit of sleeping on wool.

Well, the clarion call came and now, 48 hours later, I am a first time and very happy ‘Oma’ (grandmother). Sarah Sunshine gave birth to Solemon Sky on his father Nathon’s birthday last night. I can’t wait to get back there to see him and hold him again! Blessings abound!

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